Correct filling sick leave - the basis for the payment of benefits

sick leave or sick leave, - a form of strict reporting and document that, on one hand, confirms the disability of the employee and is the reason for his absence from the workplace, on the other hand, allows you to assign and pay the employee benefit insurancecase.

The examination of sick leave for the validity of the part of the powers and responsibilities of the Social Insurance Fund.If errors are found benefit payment will not be made.Therefore, great importance is the correct filling sick leave

Filling certificate of incapacity.Requirements

new forms of sick leaves appeared in July 2011, they contain a large amount of encoded information.On the reverse side of the form shows the code needed to fill, and on the front, in addition to basic information, there are bar code and matrix code.In addition to the data entered legible, they must enter on the characters in a specially provided cells.Be sure to leave space between words.Thanks to this FSS can handle sick leave automatically.

On a sheet of disability includes sections that fills the medical establishment and the employer.Filling sick leave may be carried out on printers and hand, but the letters must be printed and capital.Entries must be carried out in black ink, allowed to use the pen, capillary and gel pens.

on sick leave must be stamps of the employer and the medical organization that issued the leaflet.At the same time we must try to arrange the seal so that it does not impinge on the cell with the data is clear and easy to read.Information about the organization on the employer's print must be the same one that was stated in the statutes.

Filling hospital sheet allows you to specify in the "Entity" both full and short name of the employer.If the constituent documents do not provide a short name, and the total exceeds 29 characters (as many cells on the form given to a piece of disability), it is permissible voluntary contraction: the registration number will help the organization to identify the right FSS-insured.Filling sick leave with characters such as quotation marks and dashes, is not a violation.

here with the organization, the employer shall enter the medical certificate and TIN SNILS officer, said the conditions of calculating the amount of benefits and insurance period, the period for which benefits are calculated, as well as data for the calculation of benefits and the final amount.

Since 2013, rules for filling sick leave undergone some changes: for example, contact with the cell boundaries of letters and numbers is no longer a violation.In case if registration of sick leave was an error, and it turned out to be flawed, the new form of the sheet is issued, it is necessary to issue a duplicate.To obtain a duplicate, the employee must first prove that for sick leave he had not yet been paid allowance.To do this, you must provide a medical certificate to the institution of the place of work.