Exchange of driver's license

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order to exchange the driving license, obtain a new return of stolen or lost, the State Inspectorate need to submit certain documents.For example, you want to confirm the payment of production and (or) the issuance of a new document.No exams are exchanged driving license, including driver's licenses with a distinctive sign of the USSR («SU»), which were issued in the republics of the USSR until the first January 1992.This applies to driving licenses and national samples of the CIS, which were issued to replace these, if it is confirmed by the relevant documents, as well as the return of lost or stolen documents and time permits.

After the theoretical exam will be completed, replacing the rights of the driver, who had been received by citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as national and international law - in the event that the relevant documents were provided (except for the document confirming the fact of training).These include a copy of a driver's license, certified legally, as well as a document confirming payment of issue and (or) production of driver's license.

In the event that carried out the relevant checks (if there is doubt as to the authenticity of documents or have reason to believe that the driver was deprived of the rights of driving), the person who submitted the application, issued for a period up to two months a temporary permit for driving of motor vehicles of certain categories.

Rights are redeemable in such cases, if the driver has a desire to get right on the new model if the driver's license for the use of unsuitable (unreadable entries, damaged or missing pictures, documents torn), ended their period of validity, change of surname, name and patronymic(personal data).

replacement driver's license in connection with the change of the names held in the presentation of such documents: a copy of the original document confirming the change of identity, receipt of payment of funds for services and stationery products GAI, medical certificate that the driver admitted to drivingparticular category, two color photos, driver's license, passport or document that can replace it (with a mark of internal affairs agencies of registration of residence).If

expired deprivation of rights, the return of driver's licenses produced in the prescribed manner after the person will present the relevant medical certificates.

If the driver works in any organization, the exchange of driver's license held with the presentation of certificates of employment, which indicates type of transport, which is mounted behind the driver, the registration number, order, and for drivers of private vehicles - registration documents(card entitling control and / or a certificate of registration).

If the return has been issued a new driver's license is still valid and should be handed over to the State Inspectorate.After the cancellation of the license by the owner it may be returned to him.

owners also return a driver's license of international standard.

documents for the exchange of driver's license are available at SAI REP.

those persons who have the driving experience is not interrupted during the last year (this check must!), Replacing the document without examinations.Persons who in the last twelve months, the vehicle did not ran, to share the driver's license after they are put practical and theoretical exams.