Order on bonuses

Labour Code contains a provision that allows employers to make payments to their employees in the form of charging them premiums.These awards can be timed to the anniversary of the employee or the company, as well as appear material incentives for quality work in a short time.

To bookkeeping business entity has made the appropriate payments, you must make an order on awarding.His writing has been director, chief accountant or human resources department.For drawing up of this order, the standard form of the T-11 and T-11 a.

primarily to write orders on bonuses, you must determine the number of employees who will be awarded cash payments.It is important to specify the form and material incentives.This will affect the execution of this document.

Order on bonuses, Regular, made at the end of the month, quarter and year.It should be replaced by a specially designed position.For a one-time charge of promoting an order is made on bonuses, the shape of which must comply with the requirements of the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation, which are approved by the Resolution adopted by the fifth of January two thousand and four.If

incentive payments agreed to charge only one employee organization, it uses a form of the T-11.Order on bonuses, a sample of which can be found on the Internet, printed on the letterhead of a business entity.The text must be specified:

- Nameemployee;

- number of report cards;

- position;

- cause of material incentives (anniversary, professional success);

- size cash charges (fixed amount or a percentage of the size of the salary).

sample order on awarding the two, as well as a larger number of workers, contained in the form of T-11a.This document is a table, which records full name, as well as the positions of those employees who will be awarded compensation.The size of material incentives for members of the team may vary.In such a situation tabular form order must contain an additional column in which the figures tabulated amount of bonus payments, or the corresponding percentage of the salary.

document authorizing the transfer order for the provision of material incentives should comprise a base, which was the reason for this decision.In practice, the idea to the monetary payment, which is produced in excess of the salary, section chiefs served in the personnel department in advance.This document specifies a local track record and a small response to employees who want to encourage financially.The basis for the bonus may be a utility or a memorandum and petition set forth in writing.

form of orders on bonuses at the bottom of the document provides for the position and namethe head of a business entity.Mandatory details form T-11 and T-11a is a graph containing a confirmation reference to the document employee award.For a large number of employees to insert additional columns in the table.

After awarding the order to be printed, you need to put down on top of the registration number and the date it was written.Signature of the Head and its interpretation must be made personally.It is also necessary to assure order and stamped.

this document be drawn up in a single copy.Information about him should be made to the individual employee's card.Certain types of incentives provided by the legislative acts of the Russian Federation, and are entered in the work book of the employee.