How to start a diesel engine in cold weather?

Outdoor winter, all motorists of the country are addressing the problems that it presents this wonderful time of the year.For example, the diesel engine does not start in cold weather.In addition, you need to select and change the tire, think about how to fill in the wiper, where the wash machine and so on.. In today's review we will talk about diesel engines and discuss one of the most important questions: "How to start a diesel engine in the cold?"

source of the problem

Experience shows that if the diesel engine is in a revised form, the particular problems of running it should not have.In the winter time, or rather in extreme cold, it is necessary to have a strong and reliable battery, quality and suitable fuel.Worn fuel pump, ground off the rings and cylinders scored fuel and air filters considerably complicate the normal operation of the engine, as a result of diesel will not start in cold weather.

low-quality fuel as the cause of problems

For diesel fuel there are certain standards:

  • Summer - is used in a temperature range of one or more degrees Celsius.
  • winter fuel - use at low temperatures from - 30 ° C.
  • Arctic - used mainly in the north, at extremely low temperatures (-65? C).

signs of freezing diesel fuel is its opacity.Paraffin wax, which is contained in the Local crystallizes, diesel kiseleobraznuyu turbid and takes form.Wax crystals clog the fuel pump and filters are deposited on the tubes and prevent the normal fuel supply system.

Summer diesel fuel begins to crystallize at a temperature of -5? C, and winter - at -30? C.Many motorists will think: "What's the matter, can be filled with winter diesel fuel and then no problem!"This is the right conclusion, but where to get this kind of diesel fuel?Winter diesel fuel is no different from the summer diesel fuel, since they have the same flavor and color.No employee of the gas station you will not be able to say with certainty what fuel you pour it into the tank.

Tips specialists and craftsmen

to one fine winter morning did not get into trouble and not to lose the vehicle, you need to know how to start a diesel engine in cold weather.Please find that advise and offer manufacturers a variety of chemical additives.

If you have the means, the experts advise to put on your car fuel heating system, though it has a high price.This system guarantees the successful launch of a diesel engine in cold weather.

There is another option, the first relatively cheaper.This use of various chemical additives.Is a chemical additive mixture being added to diesel fuel oil, and to optimize the operation of the engine and other components of the vehicle.

Chemical methods prevent freezing diesel

  • Today you can find whatever your heart pleases, including additives for diesel in cold weather.For example, the additive-antigel which is poured into the fuel tank, to diesel oil does not freeze at low temperatures.This kind of additives specifically designed to optimize the properties and performance of the diesel fuel.It is important to remember that you can not fill in antigel already thickened fuel.This additive should prevent freezing diesel fuel.Acquire it better in specialized stores such firms as XADO, Castrol, Shell and others.
  • Some motorists are advised to add diesel fuel kerosene.This method works if save certain proportion.For example, at a temperature of -25? C is necessary to use a mixture which consists of 85% of the year 15% of diesel fuel and kerosene.Experts claim that this mixture does not affect the operation of the engine and parts of the vehicle.
  • There is another similar version: instead of kerosene should be added gasoline.But experts and craftsmen are advised to use a mixture of extremely rare.Only in cases of emergency, as gasoline is able to damage the engine, fuel system and prevent the launch of a diesel engine in cold weather.

good advice - to maintain the level of diesel fuel more than half of the tank.A large amount of fuel is simply no time to freeze, if the engine is running idle intervals of 5-6 hours.This ensures that the charging of a diesel engine in cold weather will be a success.And should choose high-quality fuel at gas stations tested.

Tips experienced: how to run a diesel in the cold

If not experienced friends who are seasoned motorists, and you just have no one to ask how to solve this problem, we recommend to register for numerous automotive forums wherethey'll give you the answer to any question.But the best option would be an appeal to a specialist at a workshop with the question of how to run a diesel in the cold.We hope you will also help tips provided later in this article.

start the diesel engine with their hands

Suppose you car stood all night in the street in the winter and cool completely.You can not just try to make it.Please follow the following instructions that tell you how to start a diesel engine in cold weather:

  • Open the hood, remove the insulation (usually a blanket or foil), because they are not helped, unscrew the air filter.
  • Turn off pre-bought jar of ether production XADO or Castrol.
  • Insert the key into the ignition, cranking it up to the penultimate position, thereby warming glow.Then the key is returned to its original position.We perform the procedure three or four times.
  • Remove the choke (if it is an old diesel car).
  • Get out of the cab, squirted into the air intake previously prepared and outdoor air.
  • jumps into the cab, push the clutch pedal all the way, twisting a starter, parallel to pressing the gas pedal.It is important to make the injection of air and quickly get behind the wheel until it is in a dispersed state.
  • Hooray!The idea is that the engine should start.The main thing is not to overdo it Ether, otherwise it could badly affect the performance of the engine.Do not release the clutch about a minute, with a little add gas.Try to keep the engine is not stalled.Now we wait until the engine warms up well.
  • If difficult to start in cold weather diesel and starter turns weak, then you need a good charge, but better - to buy a new battery.For the diesel engine it is important that the battery is good and playfully twisted starter.If the latter turns weak, it is best not to "kill" him and battery.

In conclusion

At the end I would say that the diesel engine loves to care for him.Skipping one point and allowing the failure of one element of it, you can get a serious problem.The fact that the device of the diesel engine is fairly simple, but it is interconnected.

If all the elements and components of diesel vehicle maintained in the normal state, the problems with the launch should not occur, and the question of how to start a diesel engine in cold weather will not bother you.Good luck!