How to choose products with the highest content of protein?

diet rich large number of proteins is important for every athlete.This is especially true bodybuilders - people for whom the most principled set of muscle mass is impossible without a large amount of protein from food.That is why dealing with this kind of sports people in their diet preference for protein-rich foods.So how do you find and choose products with the highest protein content of all available on the shelves of shops and markets?

Most proteins found in animal products.In addition, it is animal protein is the most valuable and well absorbed by the human body.That is why bodybuilders is to focus on the consumption of such food.Of course, the listing of these products in the first place is to say about meat.Foods with the highest content of protein - it is a different kind of meat and fish.The percentage of protein which can reach 30%.The consumption of meat protein is essential for any organism, not just an athlete, because it is from the meat body gets much-needed amino acids.Most preferred lean beef, veal and chicken because of the low content of fat.

high protein content observed in dairy products.The leaders here are the cottage cheese and cheese.Protein content of up to 40%!At the same time it is worth considering that in the cheese and cottage cheese contains mainly casein - "slow" protein absorbed by the body only for a few hours.However, he plays an important role in nutrition in the diet on a set of muscle mass.It is worth noting that in the curd and cheese traditionally high levels of fat, so you should choose low-fat or fat-free cheese and curd.Do not forget the milk and yogurt, as in a liquid form is much easier to absorb food.

The products with the highest content of protein include chicken and eggs.However, consumption of large quantities of eggs with yolk can harm the liver.Enough protein and various cereals, especially buckwheat, carbohydrates but they still more, which is not always good, especially in the case of "drying".

Nuts and legumes - is also a product with the highest protein content.However, should note that, like most foods rich in protein, they create a considerable burden on the digestive system, because the split into amino acids - components of any protein - hard and long.So do not forget about such a significant help for athletes as sports nutrition, from which removed all the unnecessary ballast substances and is rapidly absorbed.After consuming sports nutrition, protein in the required doses will get much easier.Not everyone is in fact afford to eat in a day and digest a dozen eggs and a kilo of meat.Much easier and tastier to drink a protein shake with chocolate flavor or vanilla.If a full meal is not possible, sports nutrition can greatly help out.However, to completely replace traditional food Sports nutrition does not work, and the major share of protein a person should get a normal meal.