Applications in manicure: Step by Step

Well, when a manicure brush having intricate designs, but what if you do not have such skills?Rest assured, this does not mean that the nail design - not your path.We offer a simple solution.It's a cross between applications and inlays.As a result - the original and creative nails!

Below - some interesting ideas that can be used as materials.

idea foil 1. Application

Surely you also thought about it.How to adjust the gold or silver foil on the nails.It's quite different than nail-metallic, another texture, ideal surface.True?So let's try.

Step 1. Pick colors.You can contrast a pair (eg, emerald + Gold, Black + Gold), you can - in the contiguous colors (pastel + silver, bronze + Gold).Cover the first layer of nail color nail polish.

Step 2. second layer of varnish does not immediately apply to all the nails, and in pairs or threes.It is necessary that the varnish is not dried up before you do appliqué.Pre-cut pieces of foil are not easily borne by the dried up varnish, and will be fine hold.It is easiest to use cotton buds to apply the foil to the nails.Before that, you need a cotton swab slightly moisten the foil stuck to it.Tweezers tearing the foil, it is difficult to achieve a perfectly smoothed foil on the nails.

Council : the finer the detail of the foil, the easier it is to put them straight.For larger planes foil it requires some skill.

Step 3. free edge of the foil, remove nail file.Apply a top coat on top.Although the design will be held without him.But topcoat will help save long nails and nail color application on it.

Idea 2: Application thread

not draw even and fine lines?No problem!After all, there Reel of thread.That is how we will act.

Step 1. We need three shades of paints, plus clear varnish, tweezers, a coil of black thread, cotton swabs.On clean nails, apply two coats of nail polish background.There - white.

Step 2. Apply clear nail polish.If the finish is too fast drying, apply not to all the fingers at once, and 1-2, and then continue with the rest.Until the coating has dried, lay any drawing thread - straight or curved line.You can put a small loop or spiral.The ends of the strands is not cut off.

Step 3. top put another layer of clear coat.And only when it is dry, cut the thread ends.

Step 4. can leave that.But you can finish the idea of ​​beating a thread as part of the vegetable pattern.Add the "point" of the colored leaves and then cover with clear nail varnish strengthens.

Idea 3: Application-herbarium

And here is another ingenious idea with applique.Even small flowers alive and leaves can become material for the application.And the way all the same - use nail glue, and then fasten your creativity topcoat.

Step 1. Prepare small leaves, tweezers, scissors and clear nail polish.

Step 2. on clean nails, apply a coat of clear varnish.While the layer is dry, apply the tweezers to nail a piece.If your coat dries too quickly, do each nail individually and not just for the rest of the hand.

Step 3. Cover the nail with one or two coats of clear lacquer to fix appliqué on top and extend her life.Done!

Do you think that more can be used as material for the application on the nails?Share your opinions in the comments to the article!

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