How to use the tachograph.

By the nature of its activities, almost all car owners are faced with a huge number of accessories, such as tachographs.However, getting those or other devices, they often do not have the slightest idea how the equipment works for motorists.We decided to remedy this situation and tell more detailed about how to use the tachograph.

What is it?

Tachograph is a small mobile device that performs the processing of certain electrical pulses that are received from the speed sensor.At the same time the supply of signals occurs when the vehicle is moving.Generally speaking, the tachograph serves as a kind of lock that controls the rate at which at some point in time the car is moving.He is also able to capture and record the work and rest the vehicle owner.It's kind of flight recorder.

What are devices

Before answering the main question of how to use a tachograph, it is necessary to clarify what is the equipment.As a rule, distinguish the device round and radio format.This tachographs round shape is usually attached directly to the main hole of the speedometer.Devices with a radio format set to "nest" the car stereo.

If we talk about the types of tachographs, that are analog or electronic-mechanical and digital.

What is an analog recorder

Externally, this system has common features like Radio with cassette, and a speedometer.He has a round face, attended the clock and speedometer.If you do not know how to use a tachograph, we will help you with this.In this case, if you decide to purchase a unit of the analog type, it is necessary to know what data there is on the equipment.So, on the front panel provides the following information:

  • current speed of the car;
  • elapsed time and the path of the vehicle;
  • modes of operation of the device;
  • indicators to determine whether speeding, used to set the diagram disc;
  • mode switch for the first and the second driver.

What do the lights on the recorder

bottom of the device have a special lighting or light signals type.While switch to the left, is able to give signals not only when you have not closed the lid on the front, but in the case of equipment failure.The sensor located on the right side lights up in case of exceeding the maximum speed set by the driver.It works because the analog tachograph.How to use it, we'll continue.

Common features of digital tachographs

Digital models are considered to be a breakthrough in the history of the production of these devices.They are the most perfect and relevant than others.What is in them such remarkable?This equipment has a high-protection system, which is an excellent prevention of unauthorized access and manipulation of the device.

digital tachographs usually work in conjunction with the card driver.It is through this device allows you to capture not just leisure time, downtime and movements of the driver, but also store this information in memory of the equipment.Incidentally, if the system, for whatever reason, a fraudulent motorists wants to crack or bypass, then this information will be recorded on the map.To learn how to use the digital tachograph, we describe below.

In addition, the information stored in memory on the activities of the driver, you can not only see, but even to print.To do this, the data is transferred into a special database, downloaded and printed by the printer.

The device has a speedometer and clock options.It is equipped with a pair of slots used as the compartments for the display and the card, and is connected usually through a protective sensor on the gearbox.

What cards are used to working with a digital tachograph

For full operation of the device must use the following types of cards:

  • inspector;
  • motorist;
  • card company (in which fixed freight operator);
  • map calibration center or workshop.

And of course, before using the tachograph, the driver needs to know what their rights are endowed with the owners of these cards.In this case, however, and the driver and inspector and other authorized persons at the right time can access the storage card, and then browse or download information for a specific period of time.

What are digital tachographs

Digital devices can meet Russian safety regulations of September 10, 2009 (this mainly refers to the production of domestic brands).At the same time the equipment is used in tandem with the Russian card.

and digital devices can be imported and conform to European safety regulations.To a large extent such tachographs are used to control the operation of vehicles, often engaged on international voyages.And, of course, for these devices are suitable only European maps.It is necessary to remember all those drivers who do not know how to use a tachograph.

How to work with analogue tachographs

For example, you happen to purchase an analog tachograph.What to do next?To begin with it is recommended to carefully study the instructions, and then explore the diagrammatic device drives and compare matches for their model with the model of the product.

In the next step you will need to manually paint the clean side of the aforementioned disc located in the inner part of it.He referred to simply tahoshayboy.It is removable, and after filling is inserted back into the flight recorder.How to use a tachograph hockey?

Notice the center of the disc and clean columns, preceded by certain badges.For example, in contrast to the flat top of the semicircle, resembling the head of the driver, you must specify the full namemotorist.Near the point with an arrow showing the direction to the right, it is necessary to note the exact name of the place (in terms of geography), which was set tehokarta.And so on.

If all the required fields have been filled by you, will reply to the question on how to use the tachograph.Let's start with the fact that all the other fields and areas on the disk device are filled in automatically when driving, work or leisure motorist.Consequently, the data to make unnecessary.

For example, if the car first went, and then stopped, it is on the disc, you will see the broken lines going up and then down.They look like a cardiogram, which is converted into a non-stop line extending along the entire circumference.This 1mm this endless line equivalent to 1 km of the rally.The distance between the subsequent data range is 0.5 mm, which corresponds to 0.5 km of the rally.

And then you need to install the drive back panel of the recorder.How to do it, and how to use a tachograph hockey, talk on.

installation process

to zaraobotal device in full, you need to insert the tahoshaybu.For this purpose, open the cover on the front of the device and gently insert the disc into the grooves.Push it, and firmly close the lid of your panel.Then, set the icon on the panel such as the two skew hammer, which will mark the beginning of your work.

During the movement your device will automatically switch to the mode indicating the start of driving and is displayed as a circle with a dot in the middle (this is a kind of image of the helm).If in the process of moving the driver decided to stop and rest, then it is necessary to switch the unit to the appropriate position (pointer must be turned in the direction of the icon, like an inverted letter "h" or chair).How to use the tachograph, unfortunately, not many people know.

If the driver starts to move after a rest, then he needs to switch back to the hammers.If the vehicle is involved in the co-driver, from the moment his work is removed and replaced with the first tahoshayba second.Now the whole process works, movement and rest will be repeated, as in the first case.

How to use a tachograph chip

digital device, usually works with the driver card, equipped with a chip.It, in turn, shows all the necessary data about the driver.To use such a device, it is necessary to first insert the card.Do not forget to turn it up an electronic chip.This card must be fully inserted, to confirm what you will hear a dull click.If done correctly, the screen you can see the contacts of the card holder.

Next you need to specify the coordinates of the location of the country and the city, where at the time of the launch of the device is a driver's car.The main advantage of such equipment - minimizing manual configuration.All operations, including the fixing of the driver's rest or work, are performed automatically.And the exhibition mode device can be seen on the screen.After the change of the driver is obliged to remove his card from the device and turn off the equipment.

What you need to know about the driver card

Driver Card - a unique instrument capable of storing information about the movement and the work of the driver within 28 days from the date of its Activation in the tachograph.Get the data from the card are entitled inspectors and representatives of the traffic police.They may ask motorist activity in the last 28 days.