What secrets can "permission or excuse" your lipstick

men trying to figure out how the character have their chosen one, should pay attention to how the girl grind lipstick, psychologists say.

based on eight different ways of stitching lipstick, scientists have created a classification of the types of women.

1. If lipstick long keeps slightly pointed shape, it indicates that it is a practical man, confident and moderately conservative.She always knows what she wants.

2. If the top of lipstick evenly rounded, the mistress of a lipstick - purposeful and cold-blooded person.It owes its success, first and foremost, diligence and accuracy.The only thing she really lacking is a sense of humor.

3. Top lipstick uncertain shape gives the owner of an unbalanced character.Any little thing can cause her displeasure, but she hides it under the guise of self-confidence and vigor.For most people this is a girl with a grain of salt.

4. If the end of the column lipstick sharpened like a pencil, it is often indicative of selfishness and tendency to self-contemplation.This much different arrogance and disregard for the opinions of others.It is difficult to converge with people because of their inflated self-esteem.

5. hostess lipstick flat top - optimist, her alien melancholy and despondency.It is directly in dealing with people and very easy to find common ground with others, but sometimes her directness she can unintentionally offend.

6. form sharpened pencil with a missing slate - a very rare type of cut lipstick.The original and the character of its owner.She - man of moods, impulsive, unstable, easily comes to the delight and despair.Normally cheerful and fun-loving beauty who is always in the spotlight.

7. erased from one side of the column lipstick gives a woman with a rich imagination.She is businesslike, responsible, able to easily and gracefully express their thoughts, loyal to the shortcomings of others and her own alien whims of any kind.

8. Lipstick frustoconical belongs quiet girl with a light-minded.She is an excellent judge of character, and her only serious flaw - a tendency to envy another's good fortune.

Articles Source: lady.mail.ru