The brightest of beauty trends of the season spring-summer 2015 by P

eve of the 2015 beauty-division of Procter & amp; Gamble, P & amp; G Beauty, presented his vision of trends in the field of beauty and personal care, which will be relevant in the next season spring-summer 2015.

Global Innovation Center P & amp;G Beauty, for many years to monitor closely the new trends in fashion and beauty, once again presented topical beauty-trends of the coming season.Fine, dynamic, bold and full of life, these trends of tomorrow will shine on the world's catwalks and the pages of glossy magazines.

For 7 years, international beauty experts gather at the event, P & amp; G Beauty Vision House, which is held annually in various capitals of the world fashion.In the framework of the leading experts of the company are like their latest research and development, and its vision of trends, combining beauty and innovation in an organic duet.Understanding trends helps to anticipate the desires of the fair sex, and to create innovative beauty-funds corresponding to the modern consumer expec


This year, the P & amp; G Beauty Vision House was first held in Moscow.The presentation and discussion of trends participated:

• Expert Global Innovation Centre P & amp; G Beauty and international director of brand communications Steve Shiel (Steve Shiel),
• International stylist Wella Sascha Breuer (Sascha Breuer),
• Art DirectorPantene Pro-V in Russia and Eastern Europe Andrey Drykin,
• Fashion-expert and editor in chief of ELLE magazine Elena Sotnikova,
• Russian star Natalia Podolsky, Catherine Vilkova Anastasia Makeeva and Sati Casanova.

Top stylists - Art Director Pantene Pro-V in Eastern Europe and the international Andrei Drykin stylist Sascha Breuer Wella - 4 showed a trend that will rule the roost in the world of hairstyles: Age of Enlightenment, Mangrovia, Wanderlust and Meltin Pop.

Age of Enlightenment

development of biotechnology.Focus on your skin.Cult white.The new "normal".

Trend Age of Enlightenment - the most gentle and the closest many of us.In literal translation it means "Enlightenment" and a captivating beauty, combined with science and futuristic elements.He shows how modern scientific developments affect areas such as fashion and beauty.That's the beauty of science is making even more flawless and advanced technologies help to emphasize the perfection of that nature created.

Colors Age of Enlightenment - is the monochromatic palette of skin tones: pink sand, shell albino, ivory, natural tan color on the background of sky blue.

Drykin Andrew, art director of Pantene Pro-V in Eastern Europe: "The basic idea of ​​the trend hairstyles for Age of Enlightenment began to simple shapes, clean lines, and, of course, a healthy shine strong and beautiful hair.The options pilings can be both loose hair and hairstyles simple in form, but with the obligatory clear and prominent idea.A special place will take hair color - vibrant, fresh, like a semi-transparent. "


mysteries of nature.The fauna of the mangroves and the sea depths.The variety of species.Tropical paradise.

Trend Mangrovia (Mangrovia) is inspired by the luxury of tropical forests and the mysteries of the underwater world.This exquisite beauty of the evergreen forests on the coast of paradise, exotic natural bush, untouched by man.This luxury depths, sea treasures and floral designs.

The color palette of this trend presents a deep emerald green and blue, brown and green and muted shades of purple.

Sascha Breuer, an international stylist Wella: «Incredible Mangrovia current trend is largely inspired by classic images of hairstyles 20-ies of XX century.Undulating flowing tresses, graphically high tails are short and it is very sexy and feminine hairstyle - all with the mandatory effect of wet, shiny hair and integrations possible color of blue, green and emerald - that's the key characteristics of this trend. "


desire to slow down time.Escapism.Creative reality.The need to dream.The world through rose-colored glasses.

Wanderlust, or passion for travel fantasy - a world of bittersweet beauty, born in unbridled urbanization.It is a creative reality, leaving the scene of dreams and dreams, romantic fantasies.This trend reflects a different reality - out of time, out of the rules, it is the desire to escape from everyday life in a disturbing world of illusions, full of unbridled passions and bright emotions.

trend color of this soft and ephemeral: pastel apricot, floral mauve, light pink, mint and aqua with light patches of bright yellow.

Drykin Andrew, art director of Pantene Pro-V in Eastern Europe: "Globalization - is one of the major trends of our time.As a consequence - the love for traveling and inspired by other cultures.The hairstyles reflected by borrowing the ideas of various ethnic groups.Invoices hair relaxed, natural, even a bit dull.Also clearly visible trend Wanderlust youth fashion trends.This hair braiding embodiments and of course experiments with color.But shades of pastel hair longer, beige, gray, coffee.Do not be afraid to experiment!Freedom of thought and space - this is the Wanderlust! » Meltin'Pop

Audacious generation.Multi-tasking and digital-technology.Spontaneity.Giperemotsionalnost.Living in online mode.

Meltin'Pop - the brightest and informal trend.This pixel aesthetic that embodies the mix of cultures and generations, which appeared due to the active development of the digital-space.This medley of indomitable creativity, hypnotic power and beauty of movement.Bold and creative images Meltin Pop - is a daring dedication to the youth of today, who lives online.

color palette of this trend - Spine-digital mix.Black and pale pink in combination with clean, basic colors, which in turn also be mixed with a bright purple and orange.

Sascha Breuer, an international stylist Wella: «In laying Meltin'Pop trend is reflected in the complex images, typical of high fashion.Styling accessories, independent elements of the image will be very harmonious look on the catwalks and red carpets.The intertwining strands, lines and shapes, dissolving and flowing into each other - a key feature of this trend.And along with them juicy and pure colors: pink, purple, orange, blue.Bold and bright, this trend will remind many of the years of my youth, when we were bolder and allow themselves more.And for those who have become bolder over the years only, Meltin'Pop gives a second chance - you can now look so bright and unique as they could only dream of. "