Signs of approaching and starting birth

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Childbirth - the climax in the life of every pregnant woman.Many expectant mothers are worried - how do you know that approaching childbirth as not to be late to the hospital, how to determine whether all processes are normal.

First of all, we must remember that there are many signs of approaching childbirth, many of which are manifested even for 2-4 weeks before the deadline.

Expectant mothers should be noted that the following signs of approaching childbirth does not usually appear together, and 2-3, and sometimes does not occur at all.

sign of approaching childbirth

1. Belly of a pregnant little drops, breathing becomes easier, but more difficult to walk and sit.Before the first delivery this can happen even a month before the birth in pregnant women is not the first time - on the eve of the emergence of the term infant.Sometimes, though, belly up to the birth does not fall.

2. Increasing the pressure on the bladder resulting in frequent urination expectant mothers.But under the influence of hormones released can soften stool, or even happen for a bowel disorder.

3. Before birth the baby moves down, so they can appear or worsen back pain.

4. grown baby becomes difficult to move in the womb, so the closer the birth, the more likely he calms down.However, there may be unusual bursts of activity of the child.

5. Sometimes a period of 30 weeks or more may be the so-called false labor - if they are irregular, short-lived and with no pain, and the intervals between them is not reduced, it does not mean the beginning of labor.

6. Prenatal changes in pregnant can cause mood swings, from apathy - to the excitement, joy - to depression.There is also an instinctive desire to prepare for the arrival of the child: for example, remove and clean the house.

7. Many pregnant, a decrease of appetite - sometimes even a few weeks before birth.

8. Mom could lose a couple of kilograms - is the body's natural preparation for childbirth.

9. Closer to leave can leave mucus plug - mucous discharge from the vagina (colorless or slightly yellowish with blood).This plug closes the birth canal in pregnant women, can go beyond a period of 2 weeks to 3-4 days before delivery, but it does not mean the immediate onset of labor, if nothing else happens.

incipient birth

1. Regular contractions - contraction of muscles of the uterus, a feeling of pressure in the abdomen.First fight is accompanied by a dull ache in the lower back or hips, then - feeling as painful menstruation, and then the pain increases.Between contractions, the pain is usually not.

beginning birth pangs are repeated approximately every 15-20 minutes, then the interval between them is reduced to 3-4 minutes, and the duration of labor increases.

Should the appearance of labor contractions immediately go to the hospital?It depends on the nature of labor, and how far away from the hospital a woman in labor, and on whether it is the first birth (as in the first birth usually last longer).

When fights at long intervals decision to go or to stay at home - for the future mother, some go to the hospital right away, others are waiting for more frequent fights at home.But better, of course, be safe in these cases, and to come to the hospital earlier, as labor can be rapid.

2. A sure sign of starting families - withdrawal of amniotic fluid: they can "leak" or go by a stream.This can happen before the start of labor, so often the water moving away in repeated births.This new mother may not feel any pain.

If the waters retreated immediately, you should immediately go to the hospital.If they "leak and" that before birth there is still a few hours.If the water is not clear (eg, green) and bad smell means that something is wrong with your child - you must also go to the hospital and inform your doctor.