What is a National Socialist?

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farther during the Great War, the stronger the desire to whitewash the crimes the Nazis.And thanks to the fall of morals to the task they have no problems.And now for the hero-city of slender ranks of the neo-Nazi march.They are on the streets thus, which in the terrible years could not be done, and step not to step in the blood of their fathers, brutally tortured heroes today.

Who are you, the modern National Socialist?Why 20 million. Lives not convinced you that the ideology of death - a dead end and your prophet - obsessed with creating the mythical "pure race" insane?It is understandable why the weak and resentful thoughts about the superiority and the election so attractive.This hook since the time of the Sumerian temples and pyramids of Egypt came across a lot of illiterate flabby fish.

Tale of the unusual fate of the universe and attention

Christians chosen by God to usher in a new world - it's hard to give up such prospects.Muslims are contrary to Christ's followers, calling to kill infidels, as only a prophet of their credibility.They turn to where the most fertile soil for the seeds of selfishness, bigotry, and any other "ism" - the human loneliness.Attention universe flattering and makes submit false prospects.

For steeped at home, disappointed, infirm everyman appeal to join the army elect becomes the new birth.Aimless life acquires a higher meaning, and death is fueling a sense of chosenness opponents, turning the fight for justice in the imaginary purple tones.Russian National Socialists, for example older "brothers" using bloodthirsty instincts of the crowd, recruit those who are not able to think critically and to question the feasibility of mass killings.

Who is the National Socialist

Let not the word "socialism".This is not the usual struggle with capitalism, friend of Russian communist past.The coming to power of the National Socialists in Germany of the thirties marked the birth of a new monster - the ideology of pure race, when everyone who did not meet the requirements of pseudo proving affiliation to the Aryans to be destroyed.

first follower bloody religion became Hitler.National Socialists, who led the most ambitious war of conquest, like the prophets proclaimed that the Germans - Nation gentlemen, created to manage the rest of the population.So the phrase "National Socialist" appeared word for the party's commitment to radical racism - "national."

Commandments fascists

Like the devil's church, the party Nazi recruits adherents playing big words about love for the Fatherland, patriotism and heroic destiny.The slogans of the incapacity of the hostile cultures will always find support among the people.People have lived for thousands of years, defending their land from raids and destruction.We are genetically programmed wary neighbors.Hitler realized that if we turn to one of the basic instincts - suspicious attitude towards people with a different skin and faith, it is possible to combine short-sighted.Thus was created a terrible machine of genocide.

Ā«Mein Kampf," Hitler's fascism was the bible and the commandments of Goebbels, taunting humane laws of Christianity, called only to violence.But at a difficult time this grim ideology has found unprecedented support - kneeling Germany squared her shoulders, finding the target.Let the goal was unworthy, but the nation is tired of oppression and humiliation inflicted on the gentle words of the neighboring states.These appeals:

1. Love Germany deeds, not words.

2. With all my heart despise enemies of the state.

3. Always give preference to compatriots.

4. If the claim for itself only obligations that Germany will regain the rights.

5. Be proud of the motherland, for which millions of spilled blood.

6. denouncing Germany deserves the worst punishment.

7. Conquer their rights.

8. Do not be a controversial anti-Semite, but remember jew threat.

9. Live so that the country is proud of you.

10. To earn the honor, it is necessary to believe.

In this most horrific methods were used.Hatred of dissidents recognized only means of co-existence, and the violence and the killing of a law called the appropriate method of struggle.

Russian National Socialist

After all the above, it becomes clear to the popularity of radical movements in modern Russia.Are we different from plundered and enslaved Germany of the last century?Rejected by the world community and observing the growth Russophobian sentiment without having solid ground under their feet, and marveling at the audacity of villains, surrounded by the country's military bases from all directions, frightened people seek at least a sense of security.

drugs against Nazism would be a general education and a return to the status of the most reading nation.Doubt - that's the main weapon of the intellectual.Do not believe the big words - they are always pursuing its goal.Think doubt and do not give in to suggestion.