Baby food for a set of muscle mass: reviews, proportions

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Today we talk about a product like baby food for a set of muscle mass.Reviews seasoned athletes say that the reception performance of the protein product is comparable to the use of expensive protein shakes.Is it really is and what benefits are infant formulas for adult?Let's deal with this issue.


food diet has a huge, if not crucial to the athlete.Any coach will tell you, what are the three main components of an effective set of muscle mass.This regular exercise, recovery after exercise, as well as high-quality and useful food.At the same time with the first two points of disagreement arises: every athlete knows his scheme of physical activity.But the diet is always a lot of controversy, in which each hold opinions.Today, many people use infant formula for a set of muscle mass.Reviews athletes confirm strong growth of muscle mass and a high level of physical activity.This provides a margin of protein, which is shared with the body infant formula.

What determines muscle growth

Many will tell you that from the exercise.In part this is correct, but that the muscle grew, it needed proper food.Strict diet and high stress in the gym will not lead to anything other than exhaustion.When this muscle growth is dependent on the quality of food and in particular on the level of protein in it.Often used baby food for a set of muscle mass.Reviews thus say that is a great alternative to a healthy diet, that is, the use of a sufficient amount of protein products.This milk, eggs, chicken, beans, whole-grain cereals.But in order to quickly get a good result, it is recommended to use a special protein supplements.It can completely replace the baby food mixture specially designed for sports nutrition?Let's see.

What are the advantages of infant formula as a protein supplement

high physical activity increases the need not only for protein but also for vitamins, minerals, trace elements.At the same time we all know that contains a high concentration of baby food.For a set of muscle mass (ratings offer a large number of real-life examples) necessary nutrition of all tissues and systems.In addition, supporters of using infant formula instead of sports nutrition say the high quality of these products and the availability of control over output.The risk to buy the product hazardous to health is minimal.However, let us hear what they think about the doctors and nutritionists to eat baby food for a set of muscle mass.

obvious flaws

is primarily chemical composition.Sports nutrition is intended solely for nutrition and growth of muscle tissue.It is solely a protein shake, which is fully processed into building material for muscles.What is baby food for a set of muscle mass?This is a complete diet for the growth of the baby, which contains large amounts of fats and carbohydrates.An adult person who plays sports, suffers from a lack of protein and all the other elements come from the main meal.If an athlete has a lean physique and wants to gain extra weight, then this is an acceptable option.At the same time people with athletic physique and a tendency to weight gain such an additive can hurt.By its composition baby food closer to Gainer, ie cocktails for weight gain rather than muscle tissue.So that excessive use of such a product will result in unwanted fat.

cost of baby food

At first glance, it costs a lot less than a dedicated sports nutrition.Most likely, this is why so gets good reviews for a set of baby food muscle.But make no mistake: you first need to calculate how much you need to mix a day.Remember that the purpose of an athlete - to get enough protein.To meet the needs of an adult, seriously engaged in sports, it requires no less than half of the package at a time.Athletes are recommended to use a protein drink not less than 2 times a day.It turns out that quite strongly "wrong" positive feedback.Baby food for a set of muscle mass could very likely lead to an increase in body fat, and the cost is very expensive.Depending on the brand, you give about 3-4 times more than the same rate of high-quality sports nutrition.

Analogs protein shakes

no secret that in their daily diet contains large amounts of protein.Instead of looking for a magic tool, you can use those products that you are always at hand.Very useful is the chicken breast, which can be eaten boiled or baked form.To prepare snacks using egg protein or milkshakes with the addition of cheese, fruits and berries.So difficult to calculate the amount of protein consumed, but is not required to acquire specialized tools.

Baby food for a set of muscle mass "Kid»

This brand is known to all, who in the family was a little kid.Many generations grew a row in this breast-milk substitutes.The basis of it is a protein of approximately 60%.This lactalbumin, immunoglobulin lactoglobulin.The required dosage of carbohydrates represented as lactose.The mixture is added to vegetable fats, vitamins and nucleotides.Similarly, the composition has a baby food for a set of muscle mass "Baby".This composition helps a young child to grow rapidly and is actively gaining weight, and the athlete to withstand high loads.

Baby food for a set of muscle mass: how to use

First of all you need to optimize your diet.As infant formulas contain large amounts of carbohydrates, you need to minimize their intake of the main meal, otherwise you will gain weight, not only due to the growth of muscles, but also due to the accumulation of fat.The body simply does not have time to process a huge amount of carbohydrates.As already mentioned, in order to provide the required amount of protein is necessary to use about 150 g of the powder mixture in one portion.It is diluted in a glass of water and drink before and after workouts.

Everyone in the choice of their food must be guided by common sense.You can use baby food for a set of muscle mass.The proportions of approximately clear: if a child weighing 5 kg needs about a liter of mixture per day, an adult weighing 50 kg needs about 510 liters.This is a well-balanced meals will be difficult to call, as it is designed to the needs of the growing organism.Of course, we're talking about a complete transition to food mixtures for the period of active weight gain.Nutritionists and sports trainers recommend not to resort to extremes and adjust your diet with natural products.A large number of chicken and vegetables, milk, cheese and eggs - excellent food for muscle mass.If exercise is so great that it is not eliminates the standard diet, you should use the specialized sports supplements.They are not harmful and do not contribute to weight gain, as well as allow you to quickly find the shape of your dreams.At the same time we must remember that the key to muscle growth is exercise.But in the period of "drying" or reduce the amount of fat tissue protein shakes should be abolished.