Biography Raisa Gorbachev.

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In 1999 passed away first and the last lady of the USSR.It was the only wife of the Soviet president and concurrently the Secretary General of the Central Committee Raisa Gorbachev.Biography, nationality, education - all this is known from many official and not very sources.The wife of the head of state was constantly attentive and not always benevolent gaze of society.Her dress and manner of speech were also discussed in the kitchens of the apartments of ordinary citizens, and in the corridors of power.

General characteristics

president's wife people mostly disliked.Various non-verbal signs, gestures and facial expressions clearly issued in Mikhail Sergeyevich henpecked, quite pleased with his share.It is understood and specialists in psychology, and just people who have lived long enough to understand people on a subconscious level.Yes, and the President-Secretary General admitted that he was a very strong woman, Raisa Gorbachev.Bio confirms its assumptions about her husband's subordinate position in the family.Wife never depended on its second half, it sought to personal career and self-sufficiency, although I understand that at some point you must give way, perhaps to get more later.She was imperious, in part, according to people who knew her, even vengeful and vindictive, and these qualities do not paint a man, especially a woman.About this contradictory character traits of personality says acquaintances better than any biography of Raisa Gorbachev, her life milestones and many circumstances of fate.


Before becoming a Gorbachev, Raisa Titarenko wore Ukrainian surname.Paternal grandfather - Andrei Filippovich - served on the railroad, he had to sit in prison (four years).Another parent, mother, Parade Peter Stepanovich and all shot for Trotskyism and the rejection of the collective farm stand.His wife, my grandmother, Raisa, died of starvation.It was what my grandfather did not love the Soviet regime.Who could have foreseen that the wife of the last leader of the Soviet Union will Raisa Gorbachev?Biography of her relatives could greatly affect his career in the Stalin years.And in the following decades she did not promise anything good (shot grandfather managed to rehabilitate only in 1988, when Mikhail Gorbachev three years heading the whole country).But granddaughter disgraced Trotskyist failed to enter the Moscow State University, get a diploma philosopher (Marxist-Leninist, what else) to continue to defend his dissertation.This point deserves a special section.

Thesis and science of all sciences

theme of scientific work dealt with the issues of formation of the new features of the collective-farm life and was based on the materials collected in the Stavropol region as a result of certain sociological studies.A special place in it occupied the position of women, the Soviet peasant.The work covered the processes of the Reformation, which occurred in the minds of the working masses as a result of global changes that occurred after the victory of the October Revolution.Traced the dynamics of changes of peasant life, a way of life and thinking in the course of changes in the socio-economic conditions.And all this in aggregate affects the growth of the cultural level of farmers in modern socialist Russia.Such a nice job here defended in 1967. Raisa Gorbachev.Biography her as a prominent scientist was continued as twenty years of teaching experience.The two universities Stavropol (Medina and agricultural) she had read Marxist-Leninist philosophy and sociology.Students were crying, and if anyone of them was trying to cheat fate and get an estimate from some other, less captious teacher, the price paid was waiting for him at the state exam.And forgiveness do not expect more "oud" does not get it, the Renegade.

But it will be later.In the meantime, Raisa Titarenko student myself ...

Meeting with Gorbachev and marriage

Misha Paradise met in a hostel somewhere in the early fifties.He studied to be a lawyer, especially not considered eligible bachelor, but there was something that set off the student Gorbachev among all others.Perhaps there was a sudden outbreak of passion, or bribed Titarenko livable and gentle nature, but the fact remains.In late September 1953, after a couple years of courtship, the couple formalize relations in the registry office.The wedding was played in a diet studstolovoy at the hostel on Stromynka, and it is unlikely it was nonalcoholic.Thus began the biography of Raisa Gorbachev, she changed her name and ceased to be Titarenko.

couple wanted to have a child almost immediately, but in 1954 it was not possible for medical reasons.My daughter Irina appeared three years later.


After university graduate Gorbachev received a distribution to the prosecutor of the city of Stavropol.At that time, his young wife had been a graduate student (she entered and graduated from high school a year earlier), and who knows, perhaps, would have written an outstanding scientific work in the dozen years before, but the plans had to be postponed, if so needed.The regional prosecutor's office, Mikhail worked not for very long, for ten days, after which he became a Komsomol worker, and released in the Regional Committee.Department of Agitation and Propaganda, zamzava department.The young lawyer joined the party at university.It was not easy, the students are reluctant to accept the Communist Party - the quota was small, but the work on the farm as an assistant combine and received for this award contributed.In the future, physical labor did not come back the next secretary general, focusing more on ideology.

Stavropol biography Raisa Gorbachev was how she felt uneasy.Rent an apartment, and then received from the Regional Committee of the two rooms in the commune.Work on the specialty was not, and had to give lectures on the society "Knowledge" (this was one of the most popular topics there was about whether there is life on Mars).Then still I found a vacancy at the Institute and another part-time.Beginning and scientific work.

In fact, even a modest position in the Regional Committee of Komsomol gave some advantages.Those two rooms and a teaching position for the wife is not so easy it would be to procure ordinary engineer.

First Lady edge

In the years when her husband made a career, reaching the post of first secretary of the regional committee of Stavropol, and then for a long time held his biography of Raisa Gorbachev, apparently, did not contain any particularly interesting facts, but simple logic allowsreconstruct with a high degree of certainty.She taught social studies at the institutes, its immediate superior, fearing the wrath of senior spouse or tending to his grace will likely allow her to many innocent pranks like being late for work or premature death, and colleagues (especially women) fiercely discussed her new clothes.At the same time, and there was a peculiar way of speaking - edifying verbose and largely condescending, even to people years older and certainly superior intellectually, ridiculed (though subtly) certain cultural figures.

in a blaze of glory

rush to Moscow and very rapid mastery of the main cabinet in the country, produced by her husband, identified all the character traits of the First Lady of the Soviet Union - both good and not so good.Here also unfolded in all its glory Raisa Gorbachev, biography it was enriched with new facts, gladdening vanity and pride.Create some cultural foundations, charitable programs, the club "my name", promotes the growth of the role of women (straight out of the thesis), with maximum publicity exhibited all over the world, but first of all the Soviet people, the desire to show itself, and every time a newstunning dress.

Needless to say, the ordinary working women, not spoiled foreign wardrobes and not accustomed to Western secular manner, "First Lady", it had not really like.They do not all know ... But the West applauded, Americans, French and Germans admired casually charming manner of spending money in the boutiques of famous brands.Chet caused delight its similarity to foreigners.

last years and days

In 1991, during the coup, and the isolation of the family dacha Foros Gorbachev, Raisa behaved courageously and with dignity, although it is not easy to give her.She found the strength to support the husband, who apparently fell into despondency.After the collapse of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev he wanted to return to politics and even announced his candidacy for the presidency, despite the objections of his wife, who understood the futility of attempts.You need to go is beautiful, not a failure must be terminated (because, apparently, felt Raisa Gorbachev) biography.

disease overtook her unexpectedly.Was it the result obtained during the Semipalatinsk test irradiation, or to say the deadly consequences of Chernobyl?And maybe, the nervous system does not support the load?This question is now no one will answer.Cancer disease put the last point in the story titled "Raisa Gorbachev.Biography. "Years of life (1932-1999) engraved on the tombstone, they mean the time frame of her stay on the ground, but can you tell us about this unusual woman?