How to be the best: a few rules of self-development

man - a creature who just need to self-development and self-improvement.In what would be the spiritual and physical level you are, there is always room for improvement.Ideal people do not exist, because only constant work on themselves, on their weaknesses and deficiencies capable to make us humans and protect them from degradation.

In fact, self-development - not an easy thing.This is an ongoing, purposeful work that requires incredible endurance, fortitude, and a deep motivation.If something is one you will not, you throw this thing, barely the beginning.Newly also undertake all after the failure is becoming harder.

Therefore it is better to start with a piece of cake.You should not limit yourself in everything in one day want to give up bad habits - in most cases this approach is doomed to failure.

take advice, the following would you be able to change your life and think about how to be the best for such time, you define yourself.This can be a hundred days or six months, and can be seven days, how well it is written here.At the same time you do not have to carry out exhausting struggle with itself: a few simple steps will be a wonderful start on the path to self-development.

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Here we consider how it will look in the self-development of this period, and you stop asking yourself, "How to be the best?".

1. Select the book you want, but still did not dare to read.It may be some complicated for you to understand a book or publication on duty for self-development, which is represented on many bookshelves.If too lazy to go to the store or library, search and download it from the Internet.Read it from start to finish, without any compromises and excuses.

2. Try to learn something new and interesting every day.This may be the name of some exotic fruit, the capital of the African state, or something else.In the evening, before bedtime, try to remember what's new you have learned in the past day.

3. Stop complaining about life.It is not so difficult as it seems.The fact is that negative thoughts are the cause of negative events, and every time you want to complain, get yourself together and remember something that you complain, certainly will happen to you.

4. During these days, try to start the alarm for one minute earlier each day.Get up immediately after the alarm clock will ring.And after three months, you will systematically get up a half hour earlier, and the time you will have a lot more.

5. During the mentioned period the morning after sleep, try to record dreams.Let notebook lying beside the bed - just a few words, recorded immediately after waking up, and you'll learn not only a lot but your dreams will not forget, as they are known, the echo of the subconscious.

6. During this self try to think more about who you would like to become.Analyze created in the image of dreams, try on it to yourself to take shape in his mind a clear ideal of who you would like to be.