Immorality - is the lack of spirituality and morality.Why in the world are so many wicked people?

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How much has been said about what is moral and spiritual values.In addition, each spiritual leader professes own view on these things.But for some reason many overlook such a thing as immoral.This is extremely outrageous, because it is necessary to speak about it in the first place.

Perhaps the fact that they themselves are not fully aware of all the depth of the word.As immorality - this is a very vague term that can be interpreted in many different ways.But let's take first things first.

What is morality?

So, morality and immorality - the two sides of the same coin.Therefore, you first need to understand the value of the first, and then take up the rest.

If we talk about the modern world, morality - is the observance of certain moral principles established in the community.In doing so they may vary from country to country, religion and cultural traditions.

Morality - high ideals, decent behavior, compliance with the rules of etiquette and so on.Also under morality it meant the Spirit, which is almost impossible to imagine without faith.

Then what is immoral?

The simplest answer is - no morals.But we have such a treatment is not suitable because it is very fresh.So here is a more precise explanation for this phenomenon.

immorality - is the lack of morals.It may be secular, when a person simply ignores certain rules of behavior in society.For example, it can easily be rude, hit, go on the offense, and so on.

also a spiritual immorality.In this case, the person is considered fallen and prone to sin.After all, the laws established by his religion, for it simply does not mean anything.

How else can you describe the immorality?Synonyms for this word: immorality, depravity, corruption, profligacy, corruption and so on.

What problems can create immorality?

Perhaps initially it may seem that the immorality - it's just a personal problem man.Because in fact his actions only affect him, lowering his prestige in society.But it is only at first glance.

In reality, immorality leaves a mark on others.After all, a man without morals can easily go for a crime that, one way or another, affect others.Proof of this are vast.Suffice it to recall stories in which criminals talk about their acts without remorse and regret.

Why lately appeared so many wicked people?

The problem is that morality - is a spiritual magnitude.Therefore, it is necessary to bring in a person, otherwise it simply will not appear.Before the church was engaged in teaching people the word of God.

But today, the church no longer has the credibility that before, especially among young people.Now the appearance of the world can easily be explained by the theory of the Big Bang, as well as the emergence of life on the planet.

Church doctrine began to forget.But the trouble is that he is no worthy replacement.Although there are organizations involved in the education of morality among young people, yet the seed of immorality has already managed to germinate.