Cargo - a ... Meaning of the word "cargo"

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started writing articles, I expected to find a very specific definition of the concept is quite specific.But ... there it was.There are at least four explanations of what the word cargo.So ...

Cargo - a cult ...

Yes, it is a cult.We are all faced with a particular genus follow.Comedians on stage parody of various stars, fun way the assembled audience.Or one found yourself an idol, and does it in a manner mimics the behavior, style of clothing, and even taste preferences.And sometimes the child, imitating their parents smoke around the corner or on a daily basis goes along with them for a morning jog.But cargo cult (Cargo cult) - is stupid and meaningless imitation of one group of people to another group of people.

According to other explanations, cargo cult (a phrase from the English translated as "worship load") may be otherwise referred to as a religion or a cult samolёtopoklonnikov Sacrament heaven and represents a group of Melanesian religious movements.Its members believe that being brought to them "white people" different kind of goods are received the latest is not fair, and originally belonged to the Melanesian people.This cult rituals common to increase being brought "things" that (the rituals that is) similar to the actions of "white people."Perhaps this was the ancient error and giving the floor to the next values ​​(and perhaps not served, these things are not clear).


Another meaning of the word "cargo" - certain goods to be transported, usually for commercial purposes.This explains the concept in the English language.From the Russian is not much different definition - is the company itself, which provides services for cargo delivery.And it carries not only the delivery, but also customs clearance.This concept emerged in the early nineties.Then customs clearance was not such a terrible phenomenon, and the price of these companies consider only the weight of the goods and the nature of the goods was not taken into account.The whole process of carriage consisted of three stages: first, Georgia is a cargo company, collected and transferred to another company, which was engaged in his carriage.Then the baton was passed third company, which was engaged in customs clearance.Cleaning before this could be a "black", "gray" and "white."In the first case, the goods in principle is not made out, in the second - made out, but the baggage of the tourist, well, all in the third was held in accordance with the rules and laws.Now, of course, most of the companies operate on the principle of "white" clearance.

Cargo - is

pants cargo pants were originally developed for the military, but got popular among travelers, people who love hiking, and just youth.These pants are baggy and spacious.Thus, they are comfortable and absolutely does not restrict movement.Moreover, pants have large cargo straps kolichesvto additional pockets, making it extremely convenient and useful.This type of clothing can be worn by both men and women - is universal trousers, and the appearance is quite will appeal to many consumers.


And finally, the last definition.Cargo - a special wire basket (or grid), which is located in the kitchen and is embedded in the kitchen section.Make them, usually from a metal rod, and there is such a huge variety of baskets: full and partial extension, one- and two-story, chrome-plated, enamelled, painted, and many others.Everything depends on the manufacturer and his imagination and skill.

From religious to kitchen baskets - the amazing variety of interpretations of a single concept.Basically, if you really try - the relationship between them can be found.I hope after reading this article, you will find exactly the definition that was for you.