"Kamaz 5490": reviews.

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«KamAZ 5490" - a new tractor from the Kama Automobile Plant, which is different from its predecessors in a comfortable cabin and the availability of reliable German engine.The development of this truck was the turning point in the history of the domestic automotive industry.Is our engineers managed to make really high quality and reliable commercial vehicle that will successfully compete in the background of imported tractors?The answer to this question will learn in the course of our today's review.


should be noted that the appearance of Russian trucks in the last couple of years, changed hands several times.In the photo above you can see what it was in 2013.And in this form it will be produced in series in 2015:

As you can see, the engineers have eliminated a lot of flaws in the design of the new "KamAZ".And if earlier it looked like a "European" beginning of the 2000s, but now it can be described as one of the most modern long-haul tractors in Europe.Designers "KamAZ" completely abandoned his sentence morally outdated headlights square and rectangular shapes of the body.The current tractor, it can be said - a model of modernity.

What was modified?

Outwardly the car has undergone a lot of changes.Lights now have a round shape, and turn signals are available separately.In terms of practicality, the engineers were right, because during the deformation of one of the optics is not necessary to change the whole lens unit as a whole (as, for example, in modern "European").The front bumper is not colored, and thus to "KAMAZ" will be less visible dust and dirt.Tripping is at the lowest level, so that the driver will not have to literally jump into the cockpit as before.There was also streamlined spoiler skirt, which was previously absent in all types of cars "KamAZ".The radiator grille with a large company logo looks great on the background of the bumper and cab.By the way, at the bottom of the steps there were 4 fog lights, which are also available in selected niches.The area of ​​the glazing, the model 5490 "KAMAZ" (the side of the photo you can see a bit later) is large enough that allows the driver to control everything that happens on the road.

the side you can see the neat curve of glass, which lasts up to the rear spoiler.But that's not all the features of the new car "Kamaz 5490".Reviews drivers note the presence of the new disks and tires.Finally, on the tractor appeared rossiysokm "evrokatki" - now the freight company will be much easier to buy and change tires.

a whole new "KamAZ 5490" looks very modern.At meree in terms of design developers to fix all defects.Incidentally, the "front" in the tractor has similarities with the Italian "Iveco Stralis' 2014 release.By the way, in 2003 "KAMAZ" is also sought to bring their trucks to the standard of "Iveco".A striking example is the tractor model 5460, which appearance was similar to Iveco Turbostar early 90-ies.


Inside the new tractor has changed markedly.Now you can see europanel rounded with a variety of functional buttons.On the steering wheel also has a pair of buttons.Note that previously most of the "KAMAZ" staffed fairly simple cabins with a very austere design but very robust design.As far as quality and durable, this would stall, time will tell, but in the meantime moved to the driver's seat.There is air, with automatic adjustment and pumping air.Have the armrests is very important in "KAMAZ" cabin.Nearby there are two cup holders, gear knob and handbrake lever.Dashboard Car 5490 "KAMAZ" (photo of the interior is shown below) has an anti-glare coating.The entire cabin has imported 4-point air suspension.Ergonomic layout of the controls on top.

Already in the "base" car is equipped with power windows, autonomous otoplitelem and audio system.Paying customers will access services air conditioning and mini fridge.The navigation system will also be installed on the tractor "Kamaz 5490".Reviews Experts say that due to this level of equipment on the Russian truck a few steps closer to "EUROTRAC" and can successfully compete with them.Now, the domestic interior saddler not unlike "Ivekovskogo" or "Magnumovskogo."

But is such a high quality and comfortable cabin of our engineers have been able to make from scratch?Of course not - was based on the design of the German saddler "Mercedes Axor" (not to be confused with the "Actros").By the way, the mechanism of the electric cab tilt here.This significantly reduces the time to repair the car and the driver retains power.


As used herein turbo diesel engine 6-cylinder unit of the German production of "Daimler OM-457LA».Previously, it was used on some models "Axor", now it is being towed and "Kamaz 5490".Characteristics of the German motor very good.The working volume of the engine is 12 liters, the total power - 428 horsepower.The level of CO in the atmosphere of this unit fully complies with environmental standards "Euro 5".

Resource motor

terms of resources German engine, rated his run to the overhaul of the order of 500-800 thousand kilometers.But judging by the reviews of drivers who went on the "Axor", the engine is a "millionaire", that is, without repair can cost 1 or even 1.5 million kilometers.The main thing - to use only high-quality oil.As for overloads, the engine is easily "dragged" 40 tons "downhill" even without the smoke.Power reserve him to the maximum.


But, like any other "German", "daymlerovsky" engine is very picky about the quality of fuel.How it will work on our Local is not known.Even the new DAF XF 106 tractors, our carriers are trying to minimize the CIS to operate due to the poor quality of the local fuel.But washing nozzles and pump repair - it is very expensive.About


as checkpoint "KAMAZ" decided to use the import box ZF16 with intarder.It will be installed on all the basic modifications trucks "Kamaz 5490".The test showed that the new gearbox capable of easily disperse the car to 110 kilometers per hour.Also, some modifications of "KAMAZ" will be equipped with automatic transmission 12.

«KamAZ 5490" - test drive

first presentation of the tractor took place at the National Show Commercial Vehicles "Commercial Vehicles" in 2013.Despite the fact that almost half of the new "KAMAZ" was borrowed from the "Axor" impressions drivers were mixed.What surprised most of all, because it is non-functional half the buttons on the instrument panel.In response, the manufacturer said that they are not yet connected.Well, let's hope that in 2015 "KAMAZ" will correct this deficiency.As for the test drive, a full sense of exhibitors from him not received.Judge for yourself: How can I test the behavior of the car on the track with the load and at least its crackdown on a 20-meter section of the road?Therefore, to fully disclose all of the potentials of a new tractor has failed.What he actually "Kamaz 5490" test-drive course hardly tell.True his "face" will be revealed only on the 2-3 year of operation.Only in the real world, you can determine the reliability of this truck and its suitability for the long haul.Although the fact that the design of the car was taken to the "Mercedes" really credible buyers.

«KamAZ 5490": the price

During the presentation, the automaker announced the cost of a new tractor.2.9 million rubles - that is how much will it cost "Kamaz 5490".Reviews of experienced drivers say that the successful start of sales of the producer price should be reduced at least by 20-30 percent.Otherwise sense to buy some "KamAZ", if for the same price you can buy a time-tested "IVECO Stralis" or paying the 400-800 thousand rubles to buy Volvo FH 12, with a new and top of the range?The answer is unequivocal.

Though even if truckers put before a choice: to buy a new "MAZ" (or the same "KamAZ"), or 3-year-old "Volvo", uniquely, he chooses the latter option.Therefore, until such time as a domestic manufacturer would do the same quality machines like the Scandinavians, the reputation it has been and will remain questionable.But as soon as "Kamaz 5490" establish itself as a reliable truck, not inferior in quality to "Europeans", the demand for it will increase significantly.

So we figured out what is "Kamaz 5490" reviews, specifications and price.