President Obama: term in office.

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question of when the deadline for his presidency, at first glance seems very simple.Every American, and many citizens of other countries, the US Constitution read or heard about it, we know that more than two terms in the White House chief of its inhabitants should not be delayed.Exceptions were, but until such time as in the US the main law has been amended.In 2009, the forty-fourth president of the United States Barack Obama has become.His term of office expires in the autumn of 2016, namely in November.The question is really simple.But the answer may be more complicated.

Features electoral legislation

US In America, presidents are elected not like in Russia or, for example, in Ukraine.The procedure for a man unaccustomed looks pretty strange.Rather than ask people which of the candidates he likes more afoot fairly complex action taking place in two stages.In each of the states in the US have a body called the Legislative Assembly.Its members have about four times a year to select some very trusted people in an amount corresponding to the number of delegates representing the subject of a federal state in Congress.How will they do it, the Legislative Assembly, by law, can solve on its own, but in the current practice, for they can vote, all citizens of the state have the right to vote.It is interesting to determine the date of the vote, he held the first Tuesday in November (for some reason, it states that "after the first Monday" may be out of fear that it will come suddenly immediately after Sunday), in the same year, the number is divisible by four without a remainder.These electors (currently 538) and decide who becomes president.So it was in 2008, and in January was elected Obama.The term of the Board is accountable to the moment of taking the oath and inauguration.Since the days of Lincoln, this procedure on January 20.It is also interesting that in fact not only be elected president, but the vice-president, which in the case that assumes full power."Complete" with Barack Obama, Joseph Biden walked.

internal problems

The new US president has inherited from his predecessor George W. Bush a lot of unsolved problems.The whole world condemned the practice of extra-judicial detention on the island of Cuba in Guantanamo Bay, which allegedly could not comply with US laws and regulations.In fact, this "fig leaf" formally camouflaged gross violation not only legal, but also ordinary human notions of justice.In the US, continued discrimination against the population by sex, race and other characteristics.Question permit abortion also has not been resolved, standards of energy use differed blur.Federal economy was far from pleasing performance.Healthcare needs to be reformed.

These domestic issues, Obama promised to solve.The term of the Board started is not easy, for the first hundred days had to report to the people and the voters.

Foreign Policy

Despite a brilliant military victory in Iraq has not ceased to be a problem, in fact, the farther away, the worse things were there.A big contingent of troops should provide all the necessary, it attracted significant costs, and the death of a soldier displeased.In Afghanistan, fared no better.At the same time abandon the current wording in the nineties "indispensable power" the new president was not going to.All Obama's term in office was accompanied by ranting about "exclusivity" and the "special role" of the United States, the vital interests of the country spread to the whole world - from the Arctic to Antarctica, all meridians and parallels.

Obama became president?

The fact that the US president was the last black citizen, nothing strange.America - a country inhabited by a variety of ethnic groups and races, all citizens are equal before the law, including Barack Hussein Obama, the term of which began in 2009 and should be completed in 2016.The question is, what else, other than skin color, he stood out among other candidates.After reading his biography, one can be sure that he graduated from Columbia University and then Harvard Law School, his mother was white.He worked as editor of the Law Review, and then professor of law in Chicago, then was elected to the Illinois Senate.In 2000 he made the first and unsuccessful attempt to become a member of the House of Representatives, then a US senator (successfully).He participated in the writing of various laws.That's all.He became President of the country, which is considered the world's economic and military leader.The first, and then the second term of the Obama marked no breakthrough in foreign or domestic policy.The usual routine struggle for global hegemony.And in terms of his personal charm far from Eph Ji Kay, with whom he gently tries to associate its image.

Rival Obama

major parties in the United States two.Was promoted by Republican George. McCain, a Vietnam War veteran, pilot of "Phantom", shot down by Soviet rocket calculation and had spent about five years in captivity.This hero (by American standards), Russophobia and "hawks" confronted Barack Obama.McCain's presidential term would be marked by much tougher foreign policy with regard to both the Middle Eastern countries and Russia.Militants of the American global domination of the world irritates independent course in any country that does not want to move in the wake of the United States.Former pilots was not enough to win the very small.The difference between Obama and McCain supporters was only eight percent.

Crisis President

not proved very successful term in office Obama.Date of inauguration of the first and second periods are in chronological framework of large-scale global economic crisis.A legacy from his predecessors, could not please the new occupant of the White House: the huge size of foreign and domestic debt, stagnant industry, virtually uncontrolled emission of the Federal Reserve banks, the falling purchasing power of the dollar.The forecasts are not comforting: the global crisis on its own, and is unlikely to end quickly, he predicting a ten or even twenty years' duration.During the years of the presidency of the situation has not improved.The proportion of Americans living in poverty and below the poverty line has reached frightening figure of 15% of the total population.It is surprising how managed to maintain his popularity Obama.The second term in office, which began in 2012, was the result of victory over Republican Romney, even weaker candidate, with the difference of electoral votes was smaller than in the case of McCain (less than four percent).

military successes

Declare well-modulated voice of the world's military leadership of the United States in the history of the first ever black president repeatedly.A particular success of such statements used in military educational institutions like Westpoint.Justification huge and unprecedented defense spending (which exceeded $ 700 billion and continues to grow) should look for President Obama.The term of the Board noted a further increase in the budgetary burden on the content of the Pentagon that the conditions declared victory in the Cold War requires clarification.However, the obvious failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, raised a number of questions about the cost-effectiveness.Only a few military victories can boast of Barack Obama.Terms of his reign coincided with the so-called "Arab spring", during which the Middle East have been several revolutions, more like a well-planned coup attempt.In Libya he was overthrown and physically remove Gaddafi.Equally quickly killed Bin Laden, who knew, apparently, very much.Syria did not work ...


failed attempt regime change in the Syrian Arab Republic has become a kind of indicator of the growing influence of Russia in the international arena.Of great importance was the activity of the diplomatic corps, but no less impact on the intention to use military force timely delivery to this country defensive onshore.Another adventure would be too expensive to manage, and the "liberation campaign" did not take place.Small losses on foreign soil, and best of all local forces and used to solve problems Barack Obama.Terms of government and the results are on the pages of history, which included better than vlyapyvatsya.Going on this tactical concession to the US administration, however, was not going to take strategic positions.

Another revolution slate

At the beginning of the third millennium, humanity is faced with a full-scale energy crisis.Not that of hydrocarbons began to produce less, but doing it some "wrong" country.After the victory in the Cold War a significant part of American politicians were convinced that the vanquished should be treated accordingly, ie, to dictate onerous terms and to freely dispose of their property.However, Russia this scenario at some point has failed.The military way to resolve the contradiction between the desire and the capacity did not, in the course went and economic methods.The technical details of shale gas does not make sense to go, but the essence of the reception was to release it on the market a large number in order to reduce prices.However, the cost price, including delivery, to European consumers seemed too high.

support Ukrainian democracy

Thus, the overall layout is that the second term of the Obama expire, and many problems have not been solved.Health care reform failed, war in the Middle East continues, but Europe is heavily dependent on Russian gas.The latter circumstance seemed the American president reparable.Gas - flammable substance, and for transporting goods has become more difficult, should he start a fire route.And he, as if by accident, but it is very timely, erupted in Ukraine.Actually, its support for insurgents in the United States did not hide - every taxpayer has a right to know how to spend his money.Some of them went to the support of democratic processes in Ukraine with the purpose of ... well, we know what.Obama's term in office marked a waste of five billion dollars to support the opposition in this country alone.And in other states of the former Soviet Union to spend money ...

notorious amendment

It has the number 22 and adopted in 1947 (ratification occurred in 1951).Prior to that, the duration of the presidency in the United States regulated only moral and ethical standards and a desire to be like Washington, had decided that the two terms with it quite enough.Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as many as four times and held the post until his death, but then there was a war.And if you come to power, tyrannical man with dictatorial tendencies?After the entry into force of the 22th Amendment to the Constitution this provision mandatory.According to it, the end of the term in office Obama is in autumn 2016.He becomes a "lame duck," and many of his initiatives are vague term implementation.However, what some people approved, others, in principle, may be canceled.

How to cancel 22 th Amendment?

the removal of the restrictive legal regulations already thinking some American presidents.For example, Ronald Reagan won the presidency, as its adherents, but later changed his opinion, and Bill Clinton, and all considered it fundamentally wrong.According to some reports, the idea of ​​its abolition in 2013 was visited by the head of Barak, at least, with the public prosecutor, he discussed the legal aspects of such a possibility.A member of Congress from the Democratic Party of Jose Serrano has supported the idea and introduced a bill regulating the process.It promises to be a not very problematic, because if three-quarters of the states to ratify it "Amendments", it will still be up to the moment when Obama's term in office ends.In 26 of the 50 subjects of the federal state a leading role played by the representatives of the Republican Party, and you can count on the support of Democrats.

Will Obama for a third term?

In 2009, despite the bellicose rhetoric characteristic of many of his speeches, Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.Kudos to this international recognition in various fields of human activity it is very doubtful, but the title of laureate still great responsibility, even in advance.However, the time to make any significant decision is too little.Obama's term in office expires soon.Will they attempt to stay in the White House for another four years?And if he can during this time to do something useful for America and the whole of humanity?We will find out in the near future.