How to begin to learn better?

The school is known to all the children under control: at the desk they are due to teachers and head teachers, watch over the child's home and forced to learn something new parents.However, in our country, the school leaving almost the age of majority (17 years), and after that all forms of control person removed.From the feeling of freedom, students often do not consider it necessary to engage in self-development, resulting in gradually lower their social level.However, many, fortunately, have time to come to their senses in time and ask yourself: "How do I start to learn better?What to do, that the desire to learn new things and become better come to me? ยป

course, self-control and self-discipline - the most difficult that a person will realize in life.To deal with it, not everyone, but we will try to reveal some of the secrets of successful people who have taken the upper hand over him, forced himself to become a better and more educated.Advance can also be noted that the pursuit of self-study is a kind of foundation.In the future it will be easier to organize your work, do not depend on others.

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So how better to start learning at a time when you just feel the freedom from control and do not want to do anything?Here are a few simple techniques to combat laziness.

  • Firstly, there must be true goal setting.The phrase "I have to learn" is not appropriate, but "to end the year without three" or "become a straight A in high school" - is quite acceptable for a student.
  • effective way how to start to learn better - motivation.It can be both material and more abstract, such as "If I finish the semester without three, my parents sent me to rest on the island," or "I need to become one of the best students of the university, because it is such is sent to the fifth year of studyexchange France / US / Japan "and so on.
  • very good weapon in the fight against laziness is the arrangement of the workplace for the student.It is necessary to allocate a zone-room (room or part of the bedroom), where there will be only books, notebooks, other office and, of course, a comfortable desk and desk chair.As a visualization can place a small banner with the words "I want to study hard!".If you need a computer and Internet access - set it there, but lock on the device, all social networks, games, and other applications.Let access to them will only be through a laptop or tablet, that are in other rooms of the apartment.
  • Many students ask themselves the question: "How do I start to learn better?", But the look in full to its non-compliance is a requirement.So pay attention to your clothes - it must be strong in low-key colors, no frills.Not necessarily, of course, wearing a business suit every day (though useful), you just get rid of negligence in his style.Guys can change the "ragged and threadbare 'jeans on common - blue or black and orange t-shirt on beige shirt.Girls, it is desirable to join the pastel colors when choosing a wardrobe, and pay attention to the elegant and stylish decorations - small earrings, watches with a thin strap (instead of multiple bracelets and rings in the ears of the Latin).

If you are trying to learn how to start a good student, then half the battle is already done.After all, to realize the problem - it means to be half-way to its resolution.