Chifir - what is it?

Surely you have heard or read about the fact that prisoners in the prisons use a special drink called "chefir" or "chifir."What it is?And that, quite simply, a very strong infusion of tea.But it is not just very strong tea, namely concentrate.As such, it is not just a tonic and palatable drink, to which we are all used to drink and be happy every day, and an energy stimulant effect of which can be attributed to drugs because of its slightly heady action.

Like so much else associated with prison life, cooking and eating chifir is almost a ritual.To make this energy drink is taken 2 or 3 tablespoons of broken-leaf tea, and about 500 ml of water.Tea is poured into a boiling water and infuse for about an hour.Although you can start to drink already after the bottom fell last tealeaf.In order to make the drink even tighter, it a couple more times bring to a boil.The main condition - not to let the water boil and each time wait for lowering the tea leaves at the bottom.Then the liquid is filtered through a strainer or poured into another container.This capacity and embarks on a circle.Each of the participants makes a couple of sips and transmits a mug like a peace pipe, then.And so drunk chifir.

The consequences of its use can be quite diverse.First and foremost, of course, increased heart rate, pulse quickens, man embracing thirst for activity, it is all full of energy, but this effect is kept relatively short.When it comes fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, irritability, increased due to the fact that prolonged exposure to high temperatures in the welding breaks and the drink Thein appear insoluble in water at normal brewing alkaloids.But poor health and depression case can not be limited.May feel the urge to vomiting and diarrhea.And, as paradoxical as it sounds, but can be accompanied by symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, and cause these effects is chifir.What is this strange disease - Stop Diarrhea?The fact that excess caffeine causes relaxation of the intestine, and high tannin content simultaneously causes constipation.

So if you want to cheer up your nervous system so the original way, keep in mind that the consequences can be very negative.

However, students and other workers who want to stay as long as possible in the waking and working condition, you can offer to make tea in the milk - milk chifir cook.What is it and how is it better than the above?Well, firstly, milk softens the taste of the beverage, removing excess bitterness and astringency, and secondly, and it also reduces the harmful effects on the heart.You will feel a surge of courage, but it is not accompanied by increased heart rate and sweating.

Now we will talk about how to brew chifir milk.The coffee pot, or in a small saucepan pour 500 ml of milk.The milk is heated and the hot liquid pour 3-5 tablespoons of tea leaves.It should bring the milk to a boil, but do not boil, let it brew and drink the resulting beverage a light chocolate color with sugar.Connoisseurs of this drink are advised to add to it in the process of brewing a small piece of butter.This is done in order to increase the fat content of milk and to protect the stomach wall against irritation.

Now you know how to do chifir what it is and what the consequences might have expected from its use.Yes, even you can become the owner of a surprisingly unattractive smile, as under the influence of an amount of strong tea teeth become almost black and whiten them then it will be very difficult.