Northern Palmira - what is it?

Northern Palmira - what is it?This is the second popular name of St. Petersburg.Where did it come from and how long have appeared?What are the parallels between the South that existed back in the X century by the state, and a relatively young northern city?

Two beauties, capital

Palmyra and Greek, and Arabian language is translated as the city of palm trees.In the north there is no palm trees, and yet there are a few moments, explain why the name of the beautiful southern city so stuck in Russia.First, these cities - the capital of great empires, as St. Petersburg was also called the North of Rome, but less frequently.Yes, and it sounds beautiful Northern Palmyra.St. Petersburg and its southern prototype is an oasis, Palmyra Only - in the desert, and the capital of Russia from Peter I and until 1917 - in the marshes.


have in common is, and such a moment.According to legend, a beautiful God ordered Jin to build King Solomon's Stone Town.That is, from scratch in a relatively short period of time, as was the case with St. Petersburg, there is a town of great beauty.In addition, two cities, however, at different times, were major trading centers located at the intersections of important trade routes.Rodney and their columns.In Palmyra along the main shopping traffic in 1400 stood columns, from which up to now have lived just 150. There are pictures of the ruins of Palmyra and the northern capital, taken at certain angles, in which the proximity of these cities is striking.But such common ground can be found and with other cities.

Great Women

Why this name stuck - North Palmira?What it is?The poetic image or subtle flattery Russian empress?Catherine II, who ascended to the throne, and the amount sought, and the beauty of the buildings erected to beat Peter I and his daughter Elizabeth.When it extended the territory of the Russian Empire, the Empress led a successful war was a very educated man, not like some of the nobles.By all accounts, it belonged to the great women in the history of mankind.She had her predecessor.And among them - Septimius Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, a woman of extraordinary beauty, intelligence and nobility, high morals, desperate daring and ambitious, who lived in the III century BC.During his reign a short time she was able to conquer Syria, Asia Minor and Egypt.Most importantly, she dared to oppose Rome.


After her capture Palmyra loses his greatness, and gradually forget about the city.Again, talking about him after the discovery of Palmyra in 1616 by Italian Pietro della Vella.The world will know about the past greatness of this wonderful city, Palmyra became fashionable, dedicating her research, novels, plays.Comparison with the cost it dear.For the first time held a parallel G.Derzhavin, an enthusiastic admirer of Catherine - he compared it with a slender palm tree.Obviously, the Great Russian Empress very impressed by the comparison with a palm tree, and Zenobia, because it was during the reign of her St. Petersburg firmly secured his second title - "Northern Palmyra".What it is?Accidentally caught on a parallel or exactly guessed the essence of the city - beautiful and unique, concise and complete.

Recorded name

Obviously, harmonious and significant (half the world) name was on everyone's lips, but the expression "Northern Palmira" St. Petersburg heard from Ryleeva in 1820, in his poem "To Delia."Pushkin in his works, for example, in the poem "Longing tormented their heart ..." is also called the capital of St. Petersburg.That is, it was a common name, especially in literary works.The expression has become conventional wisdom and natural.

revival, now in northern

in modern history, when the city on the Neva was returned to its original name of St. Petersburg, "Northern Palmira" (a second name) was reborn with him and became extremely popular and in demand - a brand and ice cream, and a city-wideLiterary Award, established in 1994, and more.Under this name are held sports competitions, there are several companies, even the popular People's fireplace called "Northern Palmyra".What it is?This sonorous and popular among residents of St. Petersburg title.So popular that on one of the most popular rail routes leading to the Black Sea, the train runs under that brand name.

One of the most popular routes

On October Railway is the longest route St. Petersburg - Adler."Northern Palmira" consists of CB-wagon compartment, reserved seats and a dining car.Began to run in 1990, the composition of the difficult post-perestroika years, lost his first title of the firm trains, and then completely ceased to exist.But in the summer of 2002, it was started again and became the 11th in a row proprietary composition of DWS.Himself rank of St. Petersburg, the October Railway, the train status implies high standards of service.The composition of the "Northern Palmira" reviews is the most pleasant.

in cars reign clean and tidy, air-conditioning running smoothly, the train is not coming out of the timetable, the conductors are polite, considerate, they form a well-ironed.
quite a long stay in a train going south, makes a good impression.That train, plying on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow, also called the "Northern Palmira" says that to replace it with something more resonant, meaningful and mother can not.

Antique Beauty

At the end of a few words must be said about the most Palmyra, the southern city that has become so popular in the north of Russia.The ruins are located in the center of its Syrian Desert, located, of course, in Syria.One of the richest cities of the ancient world, its late stage is 240 km away from Damascus and 140 km from the Euphrates River.Perfectly preserved, given their more than respectable age (III century BC), the ruins are under the protection of UNESCO.It was one of the most popular tourist sites, which may disappear forever because of the war in Syria.