Diphenhydramine and alcohol: unpredictable danger

Someone accidentally, someone unknowingly, and someone, and the stories of friends "bottle" may face the problem of a combination of alcohol and hard drugs.All instructions to the drugs listed warnings concerning the impact of gradusosoderzhaschih liquids on the pills.But not always and not everyone has the opportunity and the time to read the annotation to avoid unpleasant consequences.And they are guaranteed if the mix, for example, diphenhydramine and alcohol.

When taking any drugs acting on psychomotor functions (especially psychotropic, sedatives and antidepressants), should avoid even minimal doses of alcohol.Diphenhydramine is designed primarily for relief of allergy attacks and severe pain.However, he also possesses a pronounced sedative, braking effect.Not by chance it is considered the drug of the older generation, which is recommended to be taken strictly in the evening because of such side effects as drowsiness, confusion, lethargy.Alcoholic drinks are mostly also produce the effect of the CNS depression.Therefore, while taking diphenhydramine and alcohol can reinforce their negative effects on the nervous system and psychomotor functions.

However, not all so simple.It has been known that, depending on the initial state, the type of organism from the nervous system and the warehouse situation, drugs and alcohol may have an effect not only unpredictable, but also give paradoxical reactions.One of them is confusion.Diphenhydramine and alcohol while taking enhance the effects of intoxication, if the drug is used in relatively small doses.If tablets were 6-10, then this combination can cause severe psychotic reactions (delirium, hallucinations).Alas, lovers to experiment with their own health and consciousness have long noticed this effect and sometimes deliberately seek it.However, the danger - psychosis, severe affective reactions (not only hallucinations, but also fear, euphoria, depression) - posed diphenhydramine and alcohol taken at the same time or within one day, can literally be life-threatening.Man unwittingly losing orientation in time and space, it is turned off or runs in a deranged state: running away, hiding, becomes aggressive.When confusion sharply increases the risk of becoming a victim of a traffic accident, accident, unintended impulsive suicide.It is necessary to remember all the side effects and patients (asthmatics, rheumatism, allergies) taking diphenhydramine.The effects of even one or two glasses or glasses, drunk "for health", can be dramatic.The reception of such drugs is therefore a clear contraindication to the use of any amount of alcohol.

not uncommon to hear stories about how in bars and discotheques attackers deliberately mixed diphenhydramine and beer.Alas, this is not fiction, but a reality.Man unconscious or stunned condition - easy prey for criminals.And nobody can foresee and predict who and with what intentions will use temporary "blackout" of the victim.So be very careful not to mix the potent drugs and alcohol.The error can be very expensive.