Do I need to "do" from a child prodigy?

All mothers want their child to be the best, became a child prodigy.And from an early age the child begins active policy on creation and promotion of the brand "The smart kid."

children is determined in all sorts of groups, sections, pre-courses in English.But whether or not all these children?

Young mothers are under constant "public pressure", and then hear from friends and acquaintances, "And here's my Bob already knows the English alphabet", "A Katya in the three years to read long words," "It is strange thatyou have not given your Dima section Sambo. "

Then those who just drives the child to kindergarten and play with him at home in the ordinary, rather than "educational" game, even begins to feel flawed.But is it really so they are wrong in their approach to the education of children?

Today early development in fashion.Millions of companies happy to satisfy this demand: create new and new studio electives, school, proudly posting on their Web sites "exclusive" technique and unusual design: finger gymnastics, development of memory, motor skills, intelligence and plastics.

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Of course, they need to excel in the latest techniques, as competition in the market is quite high, but you need all this child?

To the ordinary "Soviet set of" preschool classes (English, ballroom dancing, aerobics, athletics, music) today added a threatening number of new directions: kung fu, yoga, taekwondo, karate, ballet dancing, modern dance, flute or violin,Mathematics on the Japanese technique of origami, tennis, even training the economy!

Package objects preschool pretty weighty.However, some subjects, such as languages, known master teachers offer start since three months!

As a result, the child is not perceived as a little man, loved one, and how expensive multifunction computer, which installed new programs, is a never-ending "upgrade".

And when an excess of emotions and experiences, this "machine" slowly restarts and begins to malfunction - the baby crying and sick, it leads to a fashionable psychologist is attributed to a master computer to fix bugs in the program.

«Five Star" kindergartens and nurseries offer advanced training programs with a large number of subjects.It is assumed that from an early age the child must possess all that is possible to know at least three languages ​​perfectly, so that later (in twenty years!) To compete with their peers in the job market.

But is it really so important to a child speaks three languages, in three years, ably believed to play a musical instrument and to understand the laws of gravity?Do I need to keep the poor tired child after kindergarten or five lessons in elementary school and even additional courses?

progressive parents have about this opinion: yes, needed.They refer to the recently conducted neurobiological research on which supposedly derived following theory: the more stimulation and requirements to the brain, the more it is formed the so-called synapses (contact point between two neurons or between a neuron and receives a signal to effector cells in the brain), andthe more "power" will have a brain.

brain compared with the clay, which from the beginning can be given any shape and streak in him the greatest possible number of lines, because after some time, this clay hardens, and may be late, baby, though, and remains "underdeveloped".

But scientists themselves much more cautious in their assessments than those who have this theory is trying to implement.The researchers hasten to remind that children, especially, need affection, warmth and constant companionship with his parents, and then to early education.

And my mother, who kept going through enough growing favorite child - not a good parent, because children are very close people feel anxiety and begin to reflect on a subconscious level: what is wrong with them?

All this helps to establish peaceful, harmonious relations in the family.It turns out that to education is treated as a scientific experiment, which must necessarily be achieved certain results - another experiment in vain.

On the problem of the loss of childhood, which takes place in the endless classes and homework to these studies, the first to speak American critic N. Postman: "Childhood is getting shorter, children saddled with a huge load of responsibility with which they can not cope.Children are forced too early to act like adults of small stature. "Child psychologist B. Bergmann (Germany) refers to the problem as a "drama of the modern child."

All this, of course, is true.You can not train children how to purebred dogs, train million of unnecessary tricks.

But there are opposing views: one must somehow get ready for school, which is quite "adult" demands and heavy loads?It is necessary that the young man chose an occupation of interest, and for that it should be kept in all the circles.And, as they say some reasonable parents on this subject in their blogs, "childhood and idleness - not the same thing.It is best if your child will find a fascinating hobby than contact with a domestic company. "

Parents can from the start to wonder: whether to attend one or another elective to my child?Does he have this ability, and this course just superpopulyaren, or myself as a child dreamed of such a hobby, but I could not afford it?After all, the desire and the ability of parents and children do not always coincide.

What do you think about this?

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