Program training: bench for beginners

muscular chest - the card of the athlete.Well-developed muscle mass, broad chest and a beautiful relief can be achieved with the help of the bench press.Regular performance of different versions of the athletic barbell or dumbbells will help you to increase the amount of muscle, build strength and endurance performance.Many athletes are using these exercises have made good physical results.

If you're just starting to work on chest muscles, then you need to create a set of exercises that will quickly increase muscle mass of the upper body.And if you have reached a plateau period in their sports, then in front of you raises the question of how to increase bench press.The training program in such cases requires a correction, which will provide the maximum amount of increase in muscle mass and power indicators.Let's talk about how to increase the effectiveness of sports activities to achieve excellent results.

How to create a training program for the muscles of the chest

Separate preparation training programs for the development of the muscles of the upper body requires a special approach.It is compulsory should take into account the individual characteristics of your physical body.Complex training, which will be perfect for you, give excellent results in the increase of physical strength and endurance.As a result of lessons you will not only build muscle, but also achieve a beautiful relief of muscle.

Before you make a set of exercises for pectoral muscles, you need to determine the main purpose of training: an increase in breast volume, strength and endurance, clear relief.Excellent weight gain gives the bench press.The training program in this case is made up of various versions of the exercises with weights to increase the volume of the chest and stimulate the respiratory system.

add such a complex can use the power elements for drawing and testing of relief.Experienced athletes use to achieve these goals thrust rod in the slope, lifting dumbbells because of the head, curl on the bench Scott and bench press.The training program collar, for example, includes a diverse armory of power cells that are proportional to develop upper body muscles, cycling not only the breast, but also other muscle groups.

Technique bench press

basic exercises in strength sports such as bodybuilding and powerlifting is the bench press.It is designed to develop the pectoral muscles (large, small, serratus anterior), arms (biceps, triceps) and front beam deltoid muscle.Bench has several variants: a classic in touch, lying in the rack on an incline bench.Each exercise is different technical performance in order to reach a certain physical result.The program is to increase the bench press should include different types of the element, depending on the athlete set goals.Let us consider in more detail each type of equipment.

Bench press: the classic version

classic barbell bench press is performed on a flat bench.Perform element in this technique not only excellent load pecs and arms, but the muscles of the back, buttocks and thighs.The classic version of the exercises, plus an additional burden with dumbbells - great for a beginner exercise program.

Bench press is performed in the following techniques:

  • Starting position - lie down on the bench, buttocks, back and head held tightly to the surface, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor.Grief rods located at chest level.Remove the shell from the stand, hands in front of him.
  • Exhale - Lower the bar to the bottom of the chest.
  • Inhale - lift the shell up, straightening the arms.

During the exercise the shell must necessarily fall on the chest, followed by a delay and only after the rise of the bar.Optimum grip width is the distance of 81 cm, which is denoted by special notches on most vultures.In such a situation the hands of physical activity during exercise is equally distributed between the triceps and anterior deltoids beam.

Bench in touch

The main difference between this technique perform the bench press from the classic variant consists in the fact that during the exercise bar after touching the breasts without delay goes up.Physical activity is aimed at the same part of the body (chest, arms, back, buttocks and thighs), but by increasing the pace and intensity increased power performance and endurance athletes.

program bench for beginners have to include this exercise as a complement to the classic version.This item is not included in the competition exercises, but is widely used in conventional strength training as a novice and professional athletes.

Bench in the rack

Power frame - perfect sports equipment that will allow you to increase the effectiveness of training for the bench press.Thanks to him, you can easily overcome a plateau in a set period of muscle mass and increase strength gains by working with heavier weights without assistance.Use a power rack to improve the technique of performing classical variant exercises to work the dead point and amplitude of your movements.

exercise program (bench):

  • Set bench in the load frame, lock the neck have stops at a distance of 5 cm above your chest.The bar weight should correspond to your maximum for 10 reps.Before making sure to heat the muscles to avoid injury to the muscles and ligaments.
  • Lie on a bench and squeeze the barbell from the lower position maximum number of times.
  • Neck Lift latches on the rack on one hole up and again raises the bar to a complete failure of the muscles.
  • Repeat this step until the highest possible level.

This program barbell bench lying gives excellent physical strain on the pectoral muscles, the muscles of the arms and back.Beginners are recommended to use this option exercises for mining equipment and increase power performance.For advanced athletes, it will help to overcome a plateau in training, increasing the efficiency of employment.Such intense pressure recommended metered to avoid overtraining and possible injury of muscle mass.

Bench press: incline bench

bench press on an incline bench can be performed in the position of the head up or down.This allows you to load the upper or lower part of the pectoral muscles.If the head is above the level of the pelvis, the burden falls on the upper chest, triceps and deltoids.The slope of the body down to the work includes the lower part of the pectoralis major muscle.


  • bench set back at an angle of 30-40 degrees;
  • sit down, tightly clutching his back to the surface, the feet rest against the floor;
  • take post - width grip on the situation define the neck at the bottom: the palm should be strictly above the elbow, forearm - perpendicular to the floor;
  • point touch the neck of the bar - the top (just below the collarbone) or the lower part of the chest, depending on the inclination of the bench;
  • breath - drop the bomb down;
  • exhale - rises.

exercise program (bench press with a slope) can include several options exercises.You can use different types of grip (forward, backward), to enable the maximum amount of muscle.It is recommended to complement the bench with a barbell incline bench at various power exercises with dumbbells that will help you create a beautiful relief of muscle.


boosting Methods used to improve the power performance of athletes in strength sports, and as a way to deal with adaptation to training, accompanied by the lack of progress.Executed in the technique of classical bench press, but the neck to the chest does not fall.There are various options boosting, for example, the rod can be lowered by 10-20 cm or even lower.Burdening selected depending on the main purpose of the training.To increase the strength of the athlete, exercise is performed with more weight, but small amplitude boosting 2-4 repetitions.

Negative bench

negative technique of bench press is one of the most complex power exercises.This option exercise stimulates the nervous system and leads to a pronounced microtraumas muscles through the use of excessive burdens.Negative bench presses can increase the power rates and contributes to muscle gain.


  • starting position is the same as in the classical bench press;
  • weight - 100-150% of the maximum that an athlete can lift in one repetition;
  • rod is removed from the racks with a partner to continue at a slow pace drops in the chest;
  • point up from the bottom shell lifts partner;
  • then again goes slowly lowering the bar on the chest.

exercise program (bench press in a negative technique) allows intensive load muscles, ligaments and joints throughout the range of motion.It is not recommended to do this exercise 2-3 times during a workout and more than 1 time in 10 days.Increasing the number of approaches and frequency of training leads to overtraining and muscle injuries.

Crash bench press

If you train with heavy weights without the help of a partner, then you definitely need to observe safety precautions to avoid traumatic situations.Crash exercise can be as follows:

  • before performing the bench press, remove the locks that hold the pancakes on the neck;
  • if you do not have the strength to return to the shell on the counter, carefully lower the bar to the chest;
  • right hand on the fretboard to move closer to the pancakes and lift - pancakes on the left side should slide to the floor;
  • perform the same operation with the left hand, clutching the neck of the bar.

To avoid such situations in the absence of an assistant, it is recommended to perform the bench press in the rack.

bench press program on the weight and strength of

to build muscle of the upper body and increase the power rates, it is necessary to do the bench press a key element of the training.We offer you a program that gives a serious burden on the chest muscles and provides a weight gain of 3 months up to 10 kg.To avoid overtraining and injury, such training is desirable to spend 1 day a week, completely eliminating isolated exercises for the triceps.The complex consists of exercises: pushups and bench press.

program on strength and weight:

  • first week - bench press from the floor in the rack.The exercise is performed lying on the floor, the neck is fixed at a height of forearms (elbows should just touch the floor).Every time squeeze the bar up to the maximum explosive force to load all the muscles and tendons involved in the power cell.Weights in 100% - a weight that you can lift 5 times in the technique described above.Perform 5 sets of 5 repetitions of the following procedure: a warm-up (two sets with weight 50% and 75%), two working approach (100 wt%), one technical grade (75 wt%).Rest between working sets - at least 3-4 minutes.
  • second week - Dips with weight.The principle of the load is the same as in the bench press.To perform 5 sets of 5 times: 2 warm-2 workers, 1 technical.The exercise is performed from a standing position on a stand in the parallel bars: inhale - squeeze and burdening themselves up on straight arms, exhale - return to the support.
  • third week - bench press in the rack.Fix the neck at the bottom of the bar (5 cm above the breast), performing the load in the same way as in the above exercises - 5 sets of 5 times.Please press a weight up and then lowered onto the support.

Within three weeks you spend three workouts consisting of one exercise.Then increase your working weight 2.5-5 kg, and through the loop again.If you are unable to perform the desired number of repetitions at the next session, try to compensate for the load.On average, after three or four cycles of your working weight bench should increase by 7,5-12,5 kg.

Conclusion In this article, we described in detail how to increase bench press.The training program should be designed taking into account the goals that the athlete wants to achieve as a result of activities in power sports.In order to achieve excellent results in weight gain, increased strength and endurance performance, follow the various options for the bench press in combination with other isolated exercises.Gradually increase the load during training to avoid injury and overtraining.