The best exercise for biceps with dumbbells, a barbell, on the bar.

Of all the muscles in the human body are only indicative forearm, biceps and triceps.No wonder many young athletes, just crossed the threshold of a sports hall, throw projectiles and try to quickly develop the muscles of the arms, calmly breaking all the laws of physics and engineering during exercise.The ideology of proportional development of the muscles and basic exercises for beginners athletes swept aside.And okay.Want to quickly inflate themselves huge hands?No problem!

only in a healthy body healthy muscles

And it primarily will focus on the workout.Any newcomer is obliged to warm up all your muscles before exercise.And that means not only the hands but also the legs, back, shoulders, neck and chest.Before you know what is the best exercise for biceps will quickly achieve a result, it is necessary to prepare the body to stress.Warm not only heats up the muscles and joints, it facilitates start pulse rate, increasing blood flow throughout the body.After a good warm-up will take the blood to the working muscles more oxygen and nutrients to help the athlete will be able to work out harder and longer your muscles.

And during training, it is important to remember that the time to rest between sets and exercises should not exceed three minutes, otherwise your body enough time to go to rest.Any strength training in this case could result in injury, which would break the dream of a big and strong hands.

Basic mode

The best exercise for biceps - a classic curl at the elbow.It is performed in a standing position with a barbell.Grief projectile should be straight, in an ideal base for the regime is recommended to use the Olympic.Palms turned to him and aspire to the shoulder joint.An important factor in this exercise is the DC voltage of the biceps.We can not allow complete relaxation of the muscles in the starting and ending point.Elbows runtime should always be near the body.The final top point they can apply for a 5 cm forward, but make sure that the bar does not fill up on the chest with biceps muscle relaxation.Weight is necessary to choose such as to perform as efficiently as possible is the best exercise for biceps barbell within 9-12 repetitions.

hand muscles become clogged quickly, so do not pay the same area more than three or four exercises, which at 4-5 approaches.The training program for the arm muscles provides joint load for the flexors and extensors of the elbow joints.In simple language - together with the biceps is recommended to pay attention and exercise triceps.With the integrated programs will meet later.

Great opportunity with a curved stamp

correct name curved neck - EZ-bar.It applies a bomb just for the arm muscles.With this stamp, you can train in a standing and in a sitting position.The best exercise for biceps with curved neck - Scott bench on the bench, which can lead to injury, so before you start to run, is familiar with the technique.

First, chase the big weight in the exercise for biceps never need, especially during the execution of Scott on the bench.To achieve the maximum amplitude is forbidden to lie on the surface of the breast - only emphasize elbow to the top of the bench.At the lowest point of the hands should be completely unfolded.Without unnecessary jerks, just force the biceps to lift the rod to the chin.For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that you exercise with a partner.On the last repetition aid in isolation neck from the lowest position will not interfere.Bringing the neck to half movement, you can perform a few more reps, which will load the most biceps.

Working with dumbbells

among the professionals believed that the best exercises for biceps - barbell presses, but many would agree that using other shells too, can achieve great results.Alternately lifting dumbbell biceps run in two variations - holding their hands up and at an angle of 90 degrees.The last option is called a "hammer" and they say that he invented the infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger.

During the exercise is not allowed waving weights, as well as slopes and curves in all the body shells for throwing up.Weight must be chosen such that only perform 8-12 reps of biceps muscle.If you change the grip dumbbell fretboard, namely the thumb to move on one plane with the rest, you can optionally load the muscles of the forearm.Many athletes use this grip during all exercises in the gym.In addition to well-developed forearm, the athlete appears tough carpal snap.

exercises in a sitting position

best exercise for biceps hands in a sitting position - dumbbell bench press at an angle of 45 degrees.Using a bench with adjustable angle, it is necessary to fix the angle of forty-five degrees.Sitting on a bench and taking a dumbbell, it is necessary to touch the back wall of the rear bench, and not to change this position before the end of the approach.Legs better pull forward, putting their feet and knees together, and arms with dumbbells drop down and relax.

horizontal grip dumbbells, palms up should not be changed during the exercises.The rise should be implemented together.The endpoint regime must submit your elbows forward and up to 5-10 centimeters for better flexion biceps.Lower the dumbbells to the starting position should be smooth, without jerks.Be sure to take care to brush elbows and walked along the entire trajectory as close as possible to the body.This exercise is used by athletes one of the last to score maximum muscle.Accordingly, the weight to a minimum it is necessary to select.

work biceps on the block

There are situations when the desired weight dumbbell in the gym busy.In order not to wait for them to be released, you can change the exercise to work in the unit.The weight in this case is set equivalent to two dumbbells.The best exercise for biceps at the unit it is necessary to carry out the ropes that provide the ability to change the angle of the Hands during benching.

choose the right weight and fixing ropes on the lower block, you can do the exercise.Located exactly in front of the block, you must choose a comfortable grip, with thumbs should be on top, and elbows pressed tightly to the body.Bench must take place across the amplitude.Hands should be kept at a constant voltage, preventing the muscles to relax at the end points.During benching unfolding brushes strongly strains forearm that several approaches tires and transmits the entire load on the biceps.

couple of interesting exercises

well proven two exercises that athletes are recommended to perform a "superset" - in different muscles antagonists (flexors and extensors).That is the biceps-triceps.The best exercises for these muscles are carried out using dumbbells.The first in a series carried out on a biceps triceps weight bench, standing block.Taking a U-shaped neck, fasten it to the upper unit.After setting the correct weight, we must stand up straight and as close as possible to the unit.Grip the neck from the top.Making extensor movement should push the neck down.This exercise is prohibited to plant elbows to the sides and to help in the press corps.

As a second exercise for biceps, you can choose a dumbbell bench press grip "hammer".It differs only in that upgrades should be implemented hand along the trunk to closely to the body shells.It is convenient to carry out mode alternately.Alternative work may serve on the bench with a dumbbell in one hand Scott.Picking up the weight, you need to rest the elbow to the bench and to lift the weight to the chest at full amplitude.The best exercises for biceps, which are used in the "superset", to be performed without a break to rest.Do not be afraid of a sharp drop in weight in approach, it is natural, because the muscles strong clogged.

Alternative Development biceps on the bar

Availability horizontal bar opens up great opportunities for beginners athlete.After all, thanks to him, you can perfectly develop the muscles of the torso.The best exercise for biceps on the bar in the usual pulling the body up to the bar.Suffice for the development of the biceps should be hands to yourself.Pull-ups is recommended to perform immediately after the warm-up, that is, at the beginning of the workout.The width of the grip athlete chooses their own - it is wider than, the greater the load is transferred to the back muscles.During pull in the lower end point do not need to completely straighten your hands, otherwise it may result in injury.

work on the bar with their weight allows the athlete to develop all the muscles in proportion to his body.For those who are not able to do in the gym is the best exercise for biceps.Pullups conventional grip, ie the palms away from you, do not need to load a strong hand, because of the art performance thrust body is carried to the bar back muscles - mixing blades.It must be remembered, otherwise good results never achieved.

muscle growth at home

Every second, judging by the reviews on social networks, insists that pumped huge hands at home.Is it worth it to get close to the truth are revealed entirely different facts.It turns out that people just bought the dumbbells, barbells, and the horizontal bar.This is a full gym at home.However, there are situations that you can not go to the gym, to the problem of horizontal bars, and sports equipment are not.

best exercise for biceps at home - this is the work with the weighting.It may be a bag or plastic bags, which can be placed in a package weighting cereals, salt and sugar.It is worthy of the projectile!The average weight of such a "dumbbell" can reach 10-12 kilograms, which is enough even for an adult male.

Still, for self-study is to get a dumbbell if you do not, then at least expanders.This minimum spending will better develop the muscles in the home.Inexpensive expander removably springs to reduce the load allows you to easily develop your body is a sports hall.

possibilities are endless Expander

We found out that in order to pump up your biceps, the best exercise with dumbbells can be replaced by work with expanders.Why now do not get acquainted with the training program?Thanks to a removable springs athlete to pick their own load itself.Exercise can be carried out one or two hands, just enough to create the necessary focus for the expander.

Many athletes recommend rest on the device feet, this fixation is more reliable than securing simulator handles on the doors and chairs in the room.Special differences from the exercises with barbells and dumbbells when using expanders not.Properly selecting grip and angle of the brush, you can safely begin to ponder.During the exercise, the athletes follow the recommended locking expander.A loose simulator can damage furniture or cause injury to the beginner athlete.

little about hamstrings

Since we are talking about the development of the biceps, you need to know that it is not just on the hands, but also on the feet of any person.Few people aware of the fact that this muscle is as indicative as the shin.This is especially true of the female sex.Indeed, the development allows us to emphasize the hamstrings tighten the buttocks.Trying to reach perfection, women often perform a lot of unnecessary exercise.Many athletes on the hamstrings remembered too late, discovering gross disproportion between the torso and the legs.

On the development of demonstration muscles need to take care at the beginning of the career of the athlete.The best exercises for the hamstrings do not require work with more weight.Muscle though large, but perfectly develops at minimum load and quickly clogged.To avoid personal injury when performing recommended not to make sudden movements.If classes are held in the gym, then the best exercise for biceps - is bending the legs lying in the simulator.Suffice it a week to perform four sets of 18-20 repetitions.

Alternative exercise can be done in the gym and at home - Deadlift on straight legs.Taking the weighting dumbbell with a small weight and standing on straight legs, it is necessary to make the body down the slope.Back when it should be flat.Raising and lowering of the body is slow, with no jerks.The program includes 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions.


dealt with how quickly pump up your biceps themselves, any athlete can in a short time without much effort to get fit.And absolutely all the same, what is the best exercise for biceps athlete himself chooses.What is more important - than he is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve this goal.This is the motivation.If it is not, then you can forget about the results, even with the presence of an ideal exercise program.Only motivation capable of inspiring in the human cultivation.Many popular sources of information on bodybuilding exercise is recommended to carry out with a partner who has a more developed body muscles.Race to the Top has always been a great motivator for all beginners.