Debit cards from Sberbank of Russia Sberbank Maestro, Visa, Mastercard

popularity of payment cards as a financial tool used in everyday life, is growing every day.Sberbank of Russia, producing all types of product on the international platforms "Maestro", "Mastercard" and "Visa", took a stable leading position in this market segment.

most accessible and therefore favored clients of Sberbank cards (both credit and debit) - it Sberbank Maestro.If we consider the debit version on a platform of "Maestro", it is often produced as a social product (for payment of pensions, scholarships, grants), sometimes it is used and for the payment of staff salaries.

secret of the popularity of this particular plastic - in its value.If the client opens the Maestro Card Savings Bank as a personal card, its value and maintenance will be minimal.In the case of registration of the target version, the holder for it does not pay anything at all.When you receive a credit on the basis of Sberbank Maestro, tariffs it will be minimal.

Making Sberbank card, the customer can choose between the "Visa", "Mastercard" and "Maestro".In the latter case, and release, and customer service will cost cheaper.However, making out a "visa", the customer receives a number of additional benefits that are not available to holders who choose a different payment system.However, they are mainly associated with discounts in a rather expensive stores or outlets abroad, so that for the majority of customers saving on maintenance will be much more important.

As a universal means of payment card Maestro Savings Bank allows the customer to not only remove her money to replenish the account, use the credit within the established limit, and perform other operations.For example, imagine having issued it once, the holder can be further smoothly perform the majority of current payments are not at bank and on their own - at an ATM or self-service terminal.For these purposes fit any card, including Sberbank Maestro.

connected to one of self-service, any client-holder of the payment instrument is able to manage it remotely, not only to check balances or transfer money from one account to another, and transfer them to other people (and with a minimum commission), payfor goods and various services to repay the loan.

Remote access to the card account bank provides via the Internet (this system is called "Sberbank Online") or mobile phone (mobile banking).Both the first and second services include pre-registration and are available to all customers who have at least one payment product.

up for mobile banking can be directly where the contract is issued, and to gain access to the "Sberbank Online" must use the ATM, which will issue a receipt to the client one-time password to log into a personal account.

Thus, making out a card on the platform of Sberbank Maestro, the customer receives with a minimum cost maximum access not only to use their own accounts, but also to a range of useful additional functions.