Where to look for bank card number and why do you need it the holder?

Who today does not know where the credit card number?Of course, on the front side thereof.In case anyone doubts specify: prominent figures on the right side, divided into four groups of four - is what he is.By the way, they can be a relief (embossed, experts say) or simply printed.

should be noted that sixteen-digit number of bank cards Visa is typical not only for her but also for the plastic system MasterCard.But American Express has a 15-digit mark.If someone uses the bank IPC (international payment cards) for quite some time, he will remember that earlier visa was equipped trinadtsatiznachnym number.But today you can find such instances often.

Regardless of the number of positions that are represented by this attribute, it is unique.

finding we understand.Now let's talk about what is it that is the number of bank cards?Let us consider the classic version, when the front part of the IPC is applied in the form of a sequence of numbers XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX:

• The first X indicates which payment system is plastic (triple - American Express, Four and Five - Visa and MasterCard, respectively);

• The second, third and fourth X - the identifier of the issuer (the organization that issued the card).It is generated in accordance with a special algorithm;
• The fifth and sixth X concretize type of IPC, as well as banks, which it was released;
• The seventh and eighth X reflect plastic accessory to a particular program, under which it was issued;
• From the ninth to the fifteenth X - This is the number of a credit card.But it is formed out of order, and, again, according to a particular algorithm.Often, it is encrypted number of branch or department issuing the IPC, the presence or absence of the chip, the account currency.

As for the sixteenth X, then it is a verification number which should turn out as a result of all sorts of manipulations (math), committed with the participation of the first fifteen.By the way, a set of Xs with the first to sixth - is BIN.In simple terms, it is the identity of the issuer, BIN, ie the bank.He stands for, respectively: bank identification number.

Sometimes the bank manager forgets to tell the client that the bank card number and the card account - two big differences.Firstly, the difference lies in the number of characters.In the first case of sixteen, and the second - twenty.Tellingly, when the loss of the client gets a new plastic, which, of course, suffered a new credit card number.With regard to the card account, not only that you can not lose it, so it still remains unchanged as long as it is needed.

Do I need to memorize or record a sequence of numbers, which we talked all the time?It is best to write the combination to your organizer, but did not specify what it is.In general, try to keep it came to third parties, because one day you may find that it paid off, such as the Internet.You also have sixteen digits may need to undergo identification during dial the call-center of your bank.