Loyalty program Sberbank "Thank you"

What is the bonus program Sberbank "Thank you"?It is a program of the Savings Bank of Russia as a sign of gratitude to our customers for many years of cooperation with the bank.

Works is just enough to have a map of the Savings Bank.To connect to this program, you need to be registered.This can be done through ATMs of the Savings Bank or through its website.

Connects bonus program Sberbank free, registration takes less than one minute.No commission for participating in this program are not charged.

For every paid for the purchase of the bank card you will accrue bonus Sberbank.Loyalty program "Thanks" applies to all types of bank cards and operates worldwide.

bonuses that will be accumulated, can be exchanged for discounts at partner stores.It is more than 100 companies offering the best services and products.Their number is constantly growing.If you have more than one card of the Savings Bank, then they will have a single bonus account.

How to connect this bonus program?Sberbank is the most widespread bank in Russia, and in each of its branch ATMs or information terminals.

insert the card into the terminal, enter your PIN.From the main menu, see "Loyalty program".Here is the form in which you need to enter your mobile phone number.Then follow the prompts.

you will receive an SMS-message, which will contain the password to connect to the contact point of the bonus program.

As the accumulation of bonuses "Thank you"?It's simple: to pay for the purchase card Sberbank.

Loyalty program Sberbank "Thank you" includes the following dimensions of charges:

- the first 3 months after the registration you will receive on your account to 1.5% of each purchase amount;

- in the further use of the program you will receive 0.5%.

Watch out for affiliate programs!Some partners accrue up to 20% of the amount you use the card of Sberbank.

One bonus "Thank you" is one dollar discount.Even today, "Thank you" accepted as payment in more than 10 thousands of retail outlets and the largest online stores in Russia.

For example, you have accumulated 1500 "Thank you," the chosen goods worth 5000 rubles.In this case, you can use all the bonuses and pay 3500 rubles.

If your item is worth 1,500 rubles, the discount is applied to 1499 rubles, you have to pay 1 ruble.As used

bonus program Sberbank retail partner?If it is a simple shop, simply tell your vendor that will use their bonuses.What amount of bonuses and pay off the card of Sberbank.

If an online store, then, processing your order, please bonuses "Thank you" as the payment method.Follow the prompts of the site.

You can also receive a "Thank you", using the service "Avtoplatezh."All new users of this service will be charged 1% "Thank you."Connect "Avtoplatezh" replenish its balance using your mobile phone and can receive higher bonuses.Please note that higher bonuses are awarded only to those who have never used this service.

To find out how many bonuses in your account, you can use the terminal of Sberbank, the official website or send SMS-message with the text "9" to the short number 6470.