What are the spokes of bicycle

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spokes in a bicycle wheel are necessary in order to connect the hub to the rim.Thus, they provide structural integrity and its strength.In addition, the spokes are playing to some extent cushioned role.Some flexibility of the structural member provides load balancing on the wheel rim.

Spokes bicycle consist of two parts - it is actually very core and nipple (mushroom nut for fixing on the rim).This design provides a very secure fit.One end of the rod is bent and riveted.The second thread is provided, which can be threaded or knurled.The second option makes the needle more robust and reliable.Threaded thread weakens this detail, which often breaks down in this place.A rod made of high-alloy steel or from a normal (with coating of nickel).The second option is less reliable.For sports models are often used titanium versions.

nipple is made of bronze, steel or aluminum.The first option is preferred in the sense that almost no strong liking.Replacing the spokes on a bicycle when using these nuts can be more simple.Steel elements are the cheapest, and experts do not advise to use them.The most expensive option - aluminum nut.They allow you to make the tire easier.

Spokes Bicycle usual urban used in an amount of 36 pieces.The road models of the wheel may be smaller.Thus, we achieve great flexibility in terms of the bicycle speed change.Different designs of the number of spokes can be uneven.However, their number is always a multiple of four or two.

In addition, bicycle spokes can have a different thickness.The front wheel hub flanges are symmetrical, have a standard size.Posterior same multi-rate structure, on the contrary, is asymmetrical.Therefore, the dimensions, may be any completely.Therefore, models having the same types of plugs mounted needles intended for the front wheel to the rear right and rear left.Thus they have a varying thickness.

Sometimes you need a replacement, or adjustment of bicycle spokes.These operations are quite complex, but, if desired, can be made independently.In order to, for example, to tighten the spokes, you need to turn the latter upside down and sway bars.If the amplitude is greater than 1-2 mm, it is necessary to pull the item.It is more difficult to prevent the emergence of "eight" when tightening.It will have to determine the amplitude of the horizontal and vertical runout.Eliminate these problems by pulling or loosening of the spokes and the rim offset.In the same way fix "ellipse" rim.

Replacing the spokes may need as a result of its failure.This occurs most often with a strong impact, for example, on a log or edge of the pit.This sometimes happens, but it is worth to carry spare bicycle spokes.For the same to reach the home, if there are no tools for removing the wheel, the broken piece is folded and tied to wire it.Thus it will be possible to reach the place where it is possible to replace with a new needle.The latter is simply inserted into the rim and nipple twists.