As a stylist pick up haircuts for thin hair for round face?

What always makes a woman more pleasant, nice, beautiful?Of course, a successful haircut.It does not matter in this case, whether she imperfections: round face, large nose, high cheekbones, a high forehead.Well-chosen haircut will make a charming girl.Of course, before going to the stylist, it is important to define a little bit to what you want to see beautiful hairstyles for round face, for example.Since it is important not only to choose the hairstyle, but to try and image: a gentle or saucy, soft or strict, business or creative.Otherwise, even a beautiful haircut can spoil the mood.Especially if it does not fit with your vision of himself: "I - home, I - Head, I - the teacher or I - Disco Queen".Without consistency with the way you constantly feel inner resistance.

Which is better for thin hair

  • better start to style your hair still wet, comb lifting the strands at the roots.You do not need to use "heavy" styling products such as gel, wax.It can be a little tousle hair with a foam and dry their hair dryer.Then they will look more dense, lush and voluminous.
  • In no case do not agree milling thin hair - this volume is lost.In addition, thin hair is often pushatsya, and the problem of the procedure can only get worse.It is better to perform haircuts for thin hair for round face with hot scissors.Competent and experienced master certainly recommend it.
  • If you dye your hair properly, they will appear three-dimensional.It looked good on thin hair, bright colors, highlighting, coloring.

Mowing and image

If you are impressed by the strict, business style, you will probably want a bob or quads.Cutting hair for round face in this embodiment includes an elongated or oblique bangs with dyed locks.This hairstyle always looks stylish, neat, and (if needed) strictly.If you are young and energetic, love sports and music, look at the short cut layers or layered bob.It is easy to install, allows you to create different energetic images and easily hide imperfections.Also note the asymmetrical haircuts for thin hair for round face.They even recently in vogue, but quickly gained popularity.They create a creative, multifaceted, inimitable.

Little Secrets

When choosing hairstyles for fine hair for round face should be noted that high and elongated hairstyles visually extend the face.Ladders, slanting, asymmetrical bangs hide too high forehead and wide cheekbones.Just do not zachёsyvat hair back or choose a haircut without a bang, and the person will seem even larger.High ladies best not to cut it too short, otherwise they will look even longer.Ladies as low growth and with a short neck, on the contrary, it is best to choose a short haircut.Thin hair is not recommended to grow below the shoulders, they fall under its weight and lose volume, and if the same hair quickly zhirneyut, or even look like "icicles."On the other hand, too short hair thin hair looks pathetic.The ideal length of short haircuts for fine hair for round face - to line up the chin or ear lobe.Knowing these little secrets and using them in practice, easy to be irresistible!