5 main problems of parents and children

No one is born perfect parent, or about a child should learn from the experience of conflicts and differences to create a warm and trusting relationship.

nine-month waiting baby brings parents and adjusts them to perform other, a new format for their lives.But right from the first day of birth beloved offspring parents face a number of challenges.Begin sleepless nights, family discussions about education and nutrition, the choice of kindergarten, babysitting, schools, foreign language and sports sections.And then the first love and first disappointment, the choice of a favorite style of music, the entry into a new group of friends, and away we go ...

5 main problems of parents and children:

1. Warning

new parents is difficult to force yourself to give all his spareNo Me and another man.It is tiring and sometimes annoying.

conflict and established values ​​of motherhood, career-related, personal growth, self-assertion and self-development of women, as a person gets up from the first day of the birth of the baby.It will take time, a young mother was able to balance his new life, and a clear distinction between the time a family and a favorite.Over time it will become clear that it is the ability to bring up the best mother in the child and create a family atmosphere.

child needs, "the object to which it is tied 'round the clock, it brings him the credibility to the world, a sense of confidence in the future and security.

fathers long to get used to the new state, it takes more than one year, and at this time they jealously watching how the woman he loved all the attention has focused not on him alone.Should learn to shoot "glasses egoist" and enjoy every day and new exploits baby.

2. Excessive parental care

Often parents are too watch over their children and do not allow them to fill "bumps" on their own.They choose their clothes, friends, draw conclusions and take decisions for their children, depriving them of their independence, without which their happy future is almost impossible.The task of parents - to teach children to make their own decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of their choices and their actions.

3. Problems at school

constant challenge to the school for poor academic performance and discipline, conflicts with peers, systematic failure of homework, absenteeism lessons ... and this is not a complete list of what parents face teenager.In this case, it is not necessary to deal with each individual item in the "child's problems at school."We need to try to instill in him a sense of responsibility and independence.It is these traits really help your child in his future.

4. Misunderstanding

At a certain age, children begin to move away from their parents, believing that they do not understand them.Through it all gone, and you should not be afraid of it.This is the period from which escape is almost impossible.

no need to put pressure on the child to be frank answer all the questions as your child learns all the answers on the street, and it will not help raise your credibility in his eyes.

not judge strictly for their children's actions and actions to better explain what they have lost, by making such a choice, and how to fix it.But you can not force them to admit their guilt, just point to solve the problem, but do not insist on its right.

5. The problem of generations

mismatch timing and life goals.Each generation is living at the time, faced with the problems.Children grow up learning a different culture and use new technologies.The world is changing every day, and the views of parents are often conservative, and that affects the understanding of parents and children.

We must remember that children love you, but they have the right to choose its own path, its own methods to solve problems and look to the other side, which is interesting to them, not you.

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