Contribution to the Savings Bank of Russia - a guarantee of reliability

If you need to save, accumulate and increase their available funds, open contribution to the Savings Bank.Undoubtedly, the biggest bank-survivor is a guarantee of reliability.But make too much money still will not work, since interest rates on deposits, unfortunately, lower than the rate of inflation.

Savings Bank opens deposits in rubles, euros and US dollars.In addition, it is possible to open an account in Swiss francs, British pounds and Japanese yen.You can still open a multi-input, in which you can earn and exchange rate fluctuations (in addition to interest rates).

What contribution to the Savings Bank of the most profitable?What are the different offers?First, consider a table with a list of the bank's deposits, the interest rates are given for ruble accounts.

Name contribution

Possibility to replenish

Interest rates,%


term contribution



4 to 6,5


from 3 months to 3 years



from 4.35 to 725


from 3 months to 3 years



from 4.5 to 8,0


from 1 month to 3 years

«At an altitude»


from 7.25 to 8,75


from 1 year to 2 years

Let's start with the fact that the most profitable contribution to the Savings Bank - a deposit "On occasion."Interest is not capitalized on it and charged at maturity.It can not be replenished and removed prematurely.But his interest rate is the highest.

For example, if you put 100 thousand rubles for one year, the revenue of 7200 rubles.Having invested 500 thousand rubles for one year, you will get 36,500 rubles.Well, if you have 1 million. Rubles, and you can put it for 2 years, then your income will be 145 thousand rubles.

Deposit "control" is designed for those who wish not only to replenish their account, but to shoot him interest received.

deposits in the Savings Bank "saves" - the interest is calculated on a monthly basis, there is no possibility of replenishment.The interest rate depends on the period for which you have opened the account.The longer, the higher the rate.Accrued interest you can transfer to your regular account or by credit card.If you do not want to use percent, they will automatically be added to the deposit amount (capitalized) that will increase your income.

deposits in the Savings Bank "Recharge" can not only make a profit, but also to accumulate a decent amount.The minimum size of the opening and replenishment is 1,000 rubles.The rate of interest, as well as for other types, depending on the term.The minimum contribution rate would have opened for 3 months, maximum - 3 years.The interest on a monthly basis, you can shoot, and you can capitalize on.Provided repeated automatic extension of the account (the extension for another term).

For older people there is a special pension contribution to the Savings Bank - "Pension Plus".It should be transferred to pension payments, which will be charged interest on a quarterly basis, the annual rate of 3.5%.Use tools absolutely free, accrued interest can be removed or left in the account.

is possible from this account to pay utility bills.You do not even need to constantly go to the bank, enough to issue a payment order once.

Still it should be noted that the contributions of "control", "Save" and "Recharge" there are online, the interest rates in such a case to offer more advantageous.