Short number "Beeline" help desk and operator

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So today we will learn how to get through to an operator using a short number."Beeline" (supplier of cellular communication) has very many such combinations, and therein lies the problem.Here and referral service, and the operator, and service that will respond to a specific question (for example, relating to the Internet, communication, tariffs and so on).In general, the options are many.In addition, you can put in a private office "Beeline" ban on short numbers.But to do so not worth it.Thus, let us as soon as possible to explore our current issue.After all, things that should be discussed quite a lot.

communication operator

first short number "Beeline", which we consider - is the one that is responsible for the fulfillment of a call the mobile operators.This is a combination of most of the problems are solved with communication and other matters.

If you want to call the operator, dial 0611 and press the call button on the phone.Now you can wait for a response.However, this method is not very good if you want to get in touch with the operator.The fact is that, having used a short number "Beeline" 0611, you risk to get an answering machine, then you have a long time to conduct a conversation with the robot voice to ask questions and receive answers.So, let's try to figure out how to contact the operator.

SMS center

there with our special service of cellular operator "Beeline".An SMS is sent to the client, then there is its handling.The result is the self-connection / disconnection of mobile services, and a variety of additional packages of options.That is, the "Beeline" is the so-called SMS Centre.And for him, of course, there is a special room.

you want to activate the service yourself or give it up?Then send SMS with a certain code-command to the short number "Beeline" 111, and then wait for the results.All SMS commands can be found on the official website of the mobile operator.They pretty much remember all of them fail.

But this is not the end of our conversation.It left there is still quite a broad range of rooms, to help you keep track of connected services, as well as a means to control the phone.Let's find out the short reference number of "Beeline".After all, it is often used by customers for assistance and advice.


Of course, if you do not know the necessary to carry out the operation request, then dial a short reference number of "Beeline".In truth, it is used as often as the call to the operator directly.

Dial 0604 on a mobile phone, and then click on the call number.You will find yourself in an interactive directory of your mobile operator.Here you can turn off the short numbers of "Beeline", abandon the connected services, and start using the new package options for your phone.As you can see, nothing difficult.

Another point that should be considered: if you make calls from a mobile phone using the cellular communication "Beeline", all with help desk calls are absolutely free.It's just not good.So let's try to understand what other combinations you can use to get some advice cellular operator, as well as to solve the problems associated with the SIM card.

New features

Also, for example, by dialing a short number "Beeline" (the operator), you can learn about all the updates that have emerged from this vendor communications.Here and action, and tariffs, and the opportunities and packages - in short, everything you might need modern user.It should immediately consider one important fact - using the short code "Beeline", you will talk only with voice mail.

Dial 0606 on your phone and then wait for an answer.The voice of the robot will tell you the possible combinations that have to press in the course of the conversation in the tone mode to switch between the information you need.So, for example, to learn about the new tariffs have to press "1" on the internet - "2" and so on.

In fact, the service is very convenient and easy to use.After the recorded voice tells absolutely all the information about the updates in any language.However, the conversation may take 5-10 minutes.A little advice: Before making a call just please be free time.And then it will be no problems.

For entertainment

In truth, there are a lot of different services and facilities "Beeline".There are some services that you will be happy to answer all questions relating to entertainment services (like music instead of beeps, and so on).

Of course, this service also has a special short number of "Beeline".Simply dial the mobile phone 0605, to call him, and then ask your question.Operator (live, not an answering machine) will respond to you on everything that you ask.In cases where it does not serve a question, you will be redirected to the services involved in this issue.And everything will happen automatically.All you need is just to wait a minute or two, until the other operator will answer you.

As you can see, nothing difficult or special.Just have a cellular operator and such combinations which help immediately send a request to the support center, and answer by SMS or issue a message on the screen.

learn about their tariff

Well, sometimes customers just need to know the details of the connected service plan.Yes, you can go to the nearest office of the network and ask the details, and view the information in your account.Just often enough for it or do not have time or the place is not quite right (you're on).Then come to the aid number * 110 * 05 #, in which you get all the information about your data plan.Generally, it has recently expelled SMS.However, sometimes it does not.Instead of telling you verbally tell all the answering machine.Apparently, it depends on the region of residence.

Discounts roaming

Travelers can take advantage of a combination that will help get some important information.In order not to think about how to learn a short number of "Beeline", answers questions about the reductions in roaming, simply dial 0676 on the phone and then wait for a response.

Voice of the robot will tell you about all new promotions and opportunities that you can connect / disconnect while roaming.In fact it is a very useful service, but it is not very often used.All because of ignorance short reference number.Thus, as you can see, you can quickly and easily get almost any information relating to the mobile operator, using different combinations of the mobile phone.


Of course, the modern man can not be imagined without the Internet.And that is why the "Beeline" is a special service that answers questions connecting / disconnecting the mobile world wide web.

To get to this help, just dial 0717 on the phone and then wait for a while.You answer the operator, who will talk about the possible tariffs, and will connect to the Internet or to give it up.That's all.Today we have learned with you about the most useful and popular short numbers "Beeline" that make life easier for customers.