What are and what different credit cards

Who today does not know what credit cards?If we talk about looks, then each of them - a piece of plastic the size of 53.98 to 85.6 mm, which may be either a magnetic strip or a chip.The difference is that in the second case, the funds on the card account are considered to be more secure.

Any credit cards - this is a very convenient means of payment.No wonder that their number is increasing annually at a good pace.By "plastic" Russians receive their wages and pensions, scholarships in schools, accumulate interest on your deposit and so on.About


Currently, credit cards come in several varieties:

• Calculated - used to pay for goods or services within the existing account holder funds.The process of registration is quite simple, and the cost of maintenance is low.
• Credit - allow you to use the means of the issuing bank, without going beyond the set limit, which is calculated based on the solvency of the citizen.There may be situations where the amount of withdrawals exceeds the limit.This means that the holder "climbed" in overdraft.Interest on him high, so try to avoid this.

• Prepaid - a great option to make someone a gift.It so happens that the person giving the money would not be desirable.In this case, you can add funds to the prepaid "plastic", and then give it as a gift.
• Intra - a special kind of means of payment, which can be used only at ATMs, POS terminals and nodes emitenta.Rassmatrivaemy product is completely universal.Each holder can withdraw cash at any ATM network and pay for the purchase, or do it by bank transfer.Subject to the limitations listed above.

also possible to charge mobile credit card.A very useful and convenient service, you need to say.By the way, it can be carried out as ordered (by sending the appropriate SMS message), and within the services automatically recharge a mobile phone.

And it is ...

Now I would like to elaborate on such species as a virtual bank card.Since it is the case both with a gopher from a well-known Russian film: characters rodent did not see, but he was.So the product is "plastic" in the classical sense is not.This set of details, which allows you to make payments for goods on the Internet.We need only specify the card limit to get the number, CVV-code and expiration date.Most often the product is decorated in a case where no means wish to risk the primary account.Even if said information is compromised, such as a virtual bank cards to withdraw money can not be used under any circumstances.Is that buy through them something on the Net work.However, only within the limit.So do not set it too high.