How to make up your eyes if hovering forever

Using modern cosmetics, get rid of the signs of aging is very simple.You can use it to fix the situation, and when hovering forever, which is fairly common.It should be noted that this issue is relevant not only for middle-aged women but also for the young ladies.It can be related to stress, fatigue or poor environment.Whatever the reason, it is necessary to know how to paint drooping eyelids.

Makeup for drooping eyelids

To begin slightly raised his eyebrows, and then visually lengthen using a special pencil.But first things first.

prepare in advance a mirror (preferably with a magnifying property) cleanser and pencil (it should be well sharpened and put an hour in the fridge).Do the procedure in a well lit area.Wipes "workplace" Facial cleanser applied on cotton wool.Thus particles are removed from the skin, which is not visible.Using a pencil line designated eyebrows.Due to the fact that it is well sharpened and cooled, the borders are clear, bright and beautiful.

now must be applied under the brow light shade or highlighter.Many people confuse the latter with a masking agent, but it is not.He does not hide imperfections, and gives it an extra radiant effect that is visually refreshing image.Now you can go directly to the application of the shadows forever.The inner corner of the eye should be much lighter than the outside.It is quite possible to exceed the bounds corner of the eye from the outside towards the temples in this place should be a good shade to shade.

eyeliner should be a black pencil.The line should begin at the middle of the century, and gradually expand to the outer edge.We must use that pencil eyeliner instead.It is contraindicated when hovering forever, this shortcoming will only become more pronounced.

Now comes the time to apply mascara.Lower lashes painted not recommended, only the top hair should become more expressive.

Nuances Makeup

shadow and pencil should be applied above the lash line.In this last at the outer corner of the eye to be good little curl.Use matte shadows, although pearl remain a taboo, it all depends on the situation.

If hung eyelids may have to adjust the shape of eyebrows.They need to be raised slightly, pull out excess hair from the bottom, and with a pencil line slightly longer.Ultimately, eyebrows should give a little surprised look.It is also recommended to get rid of excess density, which does not allow to create a graceful and delicate way.Properly corrected eyebrows visually enhance the shape of the eyes.

Secrets professionals

Experts recommend to adhere to certain rules when creating a make-up if hung eyelids, which are not always typical for other cases.When applied shadows should be kept open his eyes and look, it looks like makeup.Otherwise, even with perfect make-up with a good shading effect can not be so, as we would like, because all the nuances will be hidden by overhanging century.

home should be trained on a new way of using a make-up lessons for the impending century.Trying different colors and shades, you can achieve very different images.Liked can even take pictures to repeat if necessary.In general, experiments and experiments again.