Job Description electrician.

Before you apply for a job, one must become familiar with the job description.For each profession creates a separate statement.In this article, we try to understand the rights and responsibilities of an electrician.Appointed person to the place of work order management or the person performing his duties.Electrician belongs to the category of workers.In the work of any worker should follow the instructions and orders of the chief engineer.In the absence of his work electrician assigned to another person by the director.For example, the post of electrician the fourth category is assigned a person with a higher education in the specialty "Electrical Engineering", and with experience of 3 years.

Every electrician must be guided by legislative acts of the Russian Federation to follow the rules of the organization, where he works.Job Description electrician obliges him to carry out orders and the orders of leaders.

This position is very demanding, because you have to work with electricity.In order not to hurt yourself and save the lives of others, you must have a lot of knowledge.

Job Description electrician obliges the employee to provide control over the serviceability of electrical networks.He is responsible for their safe and uninterrupted operation.In case of failure will need to troubleshoot.Often, the electrician has to be installed electric networks, repair and replace outdated equipment.It should analyze the cases of malfunctions and failures and try to fix them so that they never occurred.In many organizations, electricians must carry out the adjustment and repair of electrical designs.

Job Description electrician gives him rights.He is entitled to receive competent and timely instructions from the engineer and even help with the new equipment.It may require the guidance of a safe place of work and working clothes.In the event of faults has the right to propose their ideas for corrective action and improvement of trouble-free power supply.

All job descriptions electrician describe the responsibility that rests on this post.Electric charge of failure to work or poor-quality implementation.In case of violation of instructions and orders, he can be fined or even fired.Job Description electrician HOA forbids him to violate labor regulations, health and safety standards.

In fact, this work is very demanding, it requires special attention.The negligent attitude to work is simply unacceptable, because it affects not only the safety of the worker, but also of all persons exposed to this technique.Job Description electrician may include a few more points.Employers do not welcome the frequent abuse of alcohol and being late for work than sin not only representatives of the profession, but also some others.