Typing at home.

"work. Typing at home."Very often, this kind of ads can be found on the Internet or free publications.The advertiser promise weighty salary, flexible hours.This work is very suitable for young mothers, the disabled and other categories of people who are unable to go to work every day.And many happy and did not hesitate to respond to the offer.

Let's see whether the house typing on a profitable business.Is it possible to earn in any way, doing the work, "typist"?

There are several types of ads.Most of them offer first send a certain amount, promising to return it with your first paycheck.Know a "typing at home" - pure fraud.A lot of reviews on the web proves that bearers of such ads are willing to correspond with potential employees, as long as he does not send money.Immediately after that, "employers" disappear.Fun, promising well-paying set texts at home, earn a lot of money on this, and deceived even sue.Firstly, the amount of "collateral" rarely exceed 800-2000 rubles.Secondly, a shame for his ind


Remember, typing at home can bring extra income.But reputable employer would never ask for providing an advance amount of work.

not rush to pay.Fight the company promises to pay a fabulous price for typing at home on the internet, read the reviews on the forums.You will realize that you are deceived.

second type of ad on the theme of "typing at home" can be found on the exchanges.These ads are most likely authentic.Because at the exchange before to advertise employers tested.Completed works are taking moderators, and special services use to track the passage of payment.In such a system substantially decreases the possibility of cheating.But a lot of money is not promising: the people who work with texts, know the real price.They usually range between 10-45 rubles for 2000 characters typed.

If you want to make your main occupation of this work, a set of texts at home, it is best to enter the actual employers.They can be found on the Web, in print media paid.

officially formalized better.If you do not want or can not draw on the work of the workbook, not too lazy to sign a contract.Suppose that the company will indicate on what grounds takes you like going to pay any amounts you have to perform.

written contract with the organization is a public document.In case of failure you can apply to the court.In most cases at the conclusion of a formal contract does not require the intervention of the court.

But keep in mind that if you choose this job as a typing at home, you must comply with several conditions.

Donating work needs to be strictly specified time, typing correctly, quickly fulfill other conditions of the signed contract.Otherwise, you will not earn anything.