4 2015 New Year's ritual

Astrologer Faust Olga, Esoterica Andrei Dondukov, parapsychologist and psychic Daria Mironova Andrey Kalashnikov offer:

A few hours before the holiday ruthlessly to part with a thing or object, which is associated with you a bad memory of the year.And be sure to celebrate the upcoming having his mind or at least touching the subject, that makes you the best and warmest memories close to your loved ones and, of course, a favorite treat on the table.

Astrologer Olga Faust



New Year's Eve you can personally make a talisman to family well-being - the whole year you have a family reigned happiness, mutual understanding, so as not ran betweenspouses black cat.By the way, this talisman draws well at home and material well-being!

So, take a piece of cloth or gold cheerful, clean and bright yellow.These colors symbolize all the best - it is the same color and the sun itself!Sew fabric bag - about the size of a palm.Only sewing thread and must not anyhow be necessary, but quite specific color - red.Red thread symbolizes protection.Ready bag fill any grain or grains.But it's best to take the 7 different types of grains and cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet, oats, etc.).A ten-grain add 10 coins, it is best if they are brand-new, shiny.Tie the bag of cereals and coins braid or ribbon red.Grab and burn any incense or herbs can be Indian fragrant sticks - what it will scent you choose to your liking, as long loved - sandalwood, bergamot, fir, thyme, etc.Also take a yellow candle and fill the crystal glass or a glass of water.Light a candle and take it three movements to the east, shall sprinkle water in the same direction.Then circle clockwise lit candles themselves (you can make a wide circle around the brow, grabbing the chest area), and sprinkled themselves with water from the same crystal glass.Then it will be the turn fumigate candle and sprinkle with water bag mascot.Then take the bag between palms and push to the heart.Inhaling the aroma of incense, focus on the good desire, feel his desire, stretch him with all my heart.Then say: "The mighty forces of the universe!I beg you to bestow good fortune and a blessing for my family!So be it! "Charged thus put the amulet in the eastern sector of your home: how the sun rises from the east, and well-being will come into your family.

esotericist Andrei Dondukov


In the New Year, I recommend you spend a simple ritual.It will help realize your dreams come true (but remember: the desire to be no more than six!).The basis of this ritual - an ancient spell talisman, whose strength is tested by many generations.December 31 exactly at eleven o'clock in the evening light the six candles and six times in a row, say a special spell.After each repetition write on a piece of paper their desire, indicating the exact date of its execution.So you get six small leaves.Exactly at midnight, with the first strike the chimes in turn burn all the papers and let the ashes to the wind, saying three times: "All of my I come back, turn the bird of happiness."

very same spell is as follows:






I want to especially draw your attention to the fact that this ceremony is only valid on the evening of New Year.

Clairvoyant and psychic, parapsychologist Daria Mironova


believed (so yes it is) that the New Year (for each nation - according to the calendar adopted in the region), the heavens opened and the Gods,Spirits, Angels, Souls departed ancestors look at the people and heed their requests and wishes.

For those who believe in and support of the Subtle Forces Plan, I describe a magical ritual making wishes.Let me remind you - they should be the objectives, the nodal, sincere and detached from the realities of life and future opportunities of the person.Type - "Let N fall in love with me for a lifetime."In this case - it's an element of magic.BEWARE intervene in the fate of another person by means of the Supreme Powers - to the good it will not.

desires can be both a global scale, such as: "Peace be kinder" and personal with a request for assistance in health, physical, economic and social issues.Their range is very diverse and multileveledness.

their intentions, ambitions and dreams should be reduced to three major importance and significance of desires.They should be short, concise, every two - three words to capture on paper with a pencil.The paper is selected thinner and softer - its remains you have to drink.Before the chimes lit candle (effective if it is consecrated).If the company is dominated by religious people let somebody out loud or mentally ritual before a prayer "Our Father ...".With the first blow - with the desires of paper lit by candles.Without letting go of their hands to enable them to burn out.This bit will burn your fingers - it is quite tolerant of pain.Next - the ashes thrown into a glass of liquid, harvested for the New Year, whether it is mineral water or champagne - it does not matter, stirred and drunk - with the last kick of hours.

make a wish or who can not tell until the next New Year.The ritual is a confirmation of your secret agreement with all four elemental spirits.The man, who told someone about their desire - symbolically erases it from the agreement, and it is excluded from the possibility of execution.

healer, healer, psychic Alexei Borisovich Kalashnikov