Drug and substance abuse

In the 21st century in the countries of the world drug problem is particularly acute.This issue focuses on the attention of the public, however, completely overcome the disease is unlikely to humanity in the coming years.Drug and substance abuse - popular topics in the print media and television.Researchers are trying to find out where is the source of origin of the disease - to prevent it spreading further.

Unfortunately, unlike the fight against drunkenness, to prevent the spread of diseases such as drug addiction and substance abuse, is taken as the centralized, large-scale and sustained measures.However, in recent years there has been a tendency to a predominance of alcoholism drug addiction among the population.Increasingly, there are also fixed in the new forms of medicine such pathological conditions.It is well known that the practice of silence, and trying to ignore the problem for a long time have made their contribution to the current disastrous situation - even health workers are often insufficiently informed about the features of the flow of the disease.Moreover, lack of knowledge about substance abuse among people far from medicine.

Drug and substance abuse originated in ancient times.The peoples of the world have their secrets and methods of use of a variety of drugs.It was necessary to conduct a full rites and ceremonies connected with the traditions and religion.Also, mixing drugs with different foods harmless enough - liquids and oils, some have argued that in a puff of smoke, and they see the signs of the unraveling of the future.In some African countries, and to this day some families grow hemp - a key attribute of magical rites.In Mexico, local Indians marijuana use - a common phenomenon in the ritual meetings.The cult of plants containing intoxication may be associated with the fact that once people worshiped these plants, believed that they inhabit the spirits and the gods.Indian priests to consecrate his disciples in the various sacraments and initiation to the ancient knowledge watered their narcotic medicines, fumigate hallucinogenic steam or smoke.

As a result, the regular short (and sometimes even once), drug use, certain medications developed an addiction and substance abuse.Their effects are incredibly destructive and are severe.First, the brain suffers.The internal organs, the nervous system become vulnerable to various diseases that can even carry life addict.Soon it begins and the destruction of the individual from a spiritual point of view.Mind varies greatly, and this entails the development of selfishness and callousness, lose their ability to adequately assess their actions.Man becomes antisocial, he does not aspire to a full life, and more and more degraded.

There are basic signs of drug and substance abuse, which are observed in all people with this diagnosis.Firstly, it is - psychic dependence.The value system is destroyed, life goals, first go by the wayside, and then did become unnecessary.Every day an addict wakes up with an idea where to get a new batch of drugs - for this he lives.Second - physical dependence.Abstinence syndrome - a phenomenon that drugs destroy the body's enzymes and hormones that are responsible for natural pain relief.Breaking - painful sensations, and to get rid of them drug addicts go to the most desperate and terrible deeds.Thirdly - I have a feeling from taking the drug.It does not cause the same euphoria and joy.The drug only helps to numb the pain of withdrawal.This self-abandon the use of drugs the person is no longer able - physical suffering is very strong.Only a few were able to say "no" and survive a few days without the drug.More harder then come back to it again ...