"Na-Na" is back?

Recently it was reported that after a long break in the domestic show business returns group "Na-Na".
In the 90 years the team with their hits "Fell hat", "Faina" and other conquered half the country.
But in recent years of "Na-Na" nothing was heard.It seemed that the group has long ceased to exist.

And the producer and creator of the boy band Bari Alibasov said that in late January, the new show will take place on the team.
Details correspondent found out "our version of" Maria Cheskis.

Bari Alibasov reported that in January 2009, the public will present the updated composition of the team.
The "reset" of the project will be attended by two performers of the old structure - is Vladimir Politov and Glory Zherebkin.There
among "Nanai" and newcomers: Yury Rymarev, Sergei Grigoryev and Oleg Korshunov.

Recall, the group "Na-Na" was established in January 1989 and was originally conceived as a kind of answer "Tender May".
In 1992 there was a star of the group: Vladimir Levkin, Mr Polito Thank Zherebkin and Vladimir Asimov.
group created a stage persona Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

very name of the group "Na-Na" Bari Alibasov explains: "Imagine to meet you, there is a man, he has a good mood, and he sings a song without words" na-na-na ... "And that's a piece of his good mood passedyou along with this tune."Na-Na" is intended to convey to the audience from the stage a good mood in our difficult time. "
«Nanai" listened and knew almost everything.At the peak of popularity
band played 350-400 shows a year.

«In fact, the group will not disappear - says spokesman Bari Alibasova Irina Rozov.- Recently, "Na-Na" performed concerts in China.And during the summer Olympic Games in Beijing, the staff at the opening of a large program.January 30th, 2009 in the hall "Cosmos" group three-hour show "Shock show".
Contemporary Music in conjunction with well-known repertoire, traditionally colorful and expressive images, but with an unusual look at familiar - it will look like they live. "

break into the top of Olympus "Na-Na" is likely to be difficult.
Especially that the current generation of young school girls prefer to listen Dima Bilan, Timati ...
But Bari is confident that his new show will interest fans of the old boy band, and believes that the group will be new fans.
At first glance, the time for the revival of the project was not chosen the most suitable.
However, it is not excluded that the economic crisis, covering Russia, play only into the hands of the owner has promoted brand.

«In the near future because of the crisis, much has changed, - says music critic Artemy Troitsky.- People will irritate the stars, telling in his songs about cars and scantily clad models and how they have a lot of dough.But once again become popular artists like Alla Pugacheva, "Lube", and Tatyana Bulanov, who sing about how hard their lives are formed.Those singers who do not fit into this format, should disappear or retrain.A group of "Na-Na", although not complained in the songs on heavy fate may still someone interested in his unpretentious little song. "

Maria Cheskis

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