10 ways extraordinary bathroom design

Standard bathroom in a typical Russian apartment, usually simple and not great.However, this does not mean that it should not ignore the process of registration, because there is, where carousing fancy.A few simple tricks will help to transform the dressing-room beyond recognition.

1. Flowers

It would seem obvious, but do not jump to conclusions.Flowers in the interior of the bathroom can significantly transform it, make freshness, color and special mood.Live or artificial, they can be placed at the sink, put in a large vase on the floor or hang on the wall.

2. Mirrors

the same time practical and aesthetic way to design the room.Without mirrors do not: an essential attribute of a toilet room, they reflect light, visually expand the space and serve as an excellent means of interior decoration.

3. Pictures

why there is a perception that the picture only in the living room or bedroom?The walls of bathrooms are perfect for a small exhibition.You can use posters, pictures, clippings from magazines, children's drawings, and much more.

4. The tree in the decoration

tree in the interior of the bathroom can change it, creating the mood of a country house, close to nature, naturalness, warmth and comfort.Bring wood elements in various ways: Use the wooden panels on the walls, on the floor lay flooring, put a wooden bookcase or even a stool.Any of these items, even the most insignificant, is able to move into the world of rural life.

5. Unusual plumbing

Ultramodern shower, bath unusual shape, tap antique or vintage sink - any one of them can become a key figure in the interior.These elements may be the latest fashion, or antique, it is important to them was the highlight.

6. Trivia

It details decide everything.Other small items of decoration: washcloths, soap dishes, vases, socks, boxes, etc., to really change the look of the room.In monochrome interior use of even small amounts of brightly colored accessories makes the room movement and liveliness.At the beginning, you can create a bright room contrast or contrary to "balance" the color palette with the help of small things.And, most importantly, by replacing a few accessories, you can change the whole look of the room is not being spent on alterations and new finishing materials.

7. Color

color - an inexhaustible source of inspiration and ideas.It can be applied on different parts bathroom and in different amounts.Popular belief that in small spaces preferred light shades, quite rightly.But do not be afraid of bright and saturated colors.Yes, indeed, saturated colors visually narrow space, yes, they are "striking", but these properties are able to divert attention from the small size of the bathrooms.Paint, tile or interesting wallpapers - this is the surest means to add flavor to the bathroom.

8. Window

if there is one, it is impossible to ignore its design.Elegant drapes, curtains with a carved figure or a public appearance - all this can transform an ordinary bathroom into the sample style.

also popular in our time is the idea of ​​false windows.A great element of decor, an unusual detail, an additional light source, and how many versions of the "view from the window," from tropical landscapes from the scorching sun and dry desert to the Russian birch trees and vast snowfields.

9. Furniture

Even in a modest area of ​​the bathroom is impossible to place a small but interesting pieces of furniture: cabinets, chairs, stools, bookcases, shelves and more.These elements give a special mood, make an ordinary bathroom stylish, vibrant, eye-catching.

10. Lighting

lighting in the bathroom is given is not the last place, both in terms of functionality and in decorating.Pretty lights, spectacular chandeliers and sconces, mirrors and additional illumination of the ceiling will help arrange the space and add a zest to even the simplest interior.

Here are a few techniques that are applicable to the work on the design of the bathroom.The decor certainly also help correct choice of shells and accessories for them.

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