Thermal Russian production.

Nowadays in Russia there are several manufacturers who are engaged in manufacturing of thermal imagers.However, a leader in the industry can be considered a company NPO "AMB".It produces a wide range of thermal imaging orientation.Such devices are used in everyday life and in the military sphere.To date, these systems often can be found in various enterprises that are engaged in the control of the penetration of objects.

Secure modern system capable of movement of people, as well as any equipment.Additionally, thermal imagers can pick up objects, even under water.Thus, setting them on the coastal area is very appropriate.According to its characteristics imagers Russian production from foreign counterparts are not far behind.Specifically, the system "AMB" can boast a good tightness of the housing.Sensors are generally set based on the cooled matrix.

Models Company "Titan"

Thermal Russian production of "Titan" developed primarily for surveillance.In addition, they can be used for the protection of airports and various terminals.Models differ given the brand a good resolution of the matrix.Also of note is a lot of options.Thus, a person has the ability to configure the extender.

spectral range of many models is around 12 microns.The field of view of an average of 28 degrees.Sensitivity at the instruments pretty good.Refresh rate is at 8 Hz.Focus has many thermal constant.In turn, the extenders are used series of T24 and T32.The digital zoom function in many devices available.

characteristics model "Titan 46"

This imager has the following characteristics: the matrix resolution - 240 by 180, and the extender used T32 series.Spectral range from "Titan 46" is equal to 7-10 microns.The field of view of a maximum of 30 degrees.The temperature sensitivity of the imager is located at around 25 degrees.Focus is set to a constant, with the digital zoom function.Signal processing in this model takes place through a system of "Digital Detail", and is a thermal imager "Titan-46" in the market of 200 thousand. Rub.

model application "Titan-36"

Thermal Russian production of "Titan-36" most often used in nuclear power plants.They differ in their sensitivity and versatility.Customize extender in this model.Advanced thermal imager "Titan-36" is equipped with built-in viewfinder display.Matrix resolution from the device equals 240 180.

detector in this case used uncooled.To shock This model is quite stable, it has a system of protection IP67 series.Humidity device carries up to 60%.This model must be kept at a temperature no higher than 50 degrees.Video Imager at "Titan-36" has a composite type.Focus on continuously.Are these imagers (market price) of about 230 thousand. Rub.

Optical Thermal complex "Owl"

for protection of various objects often use the specified thermal imager.Production is carried out it in compliance with all international standards.Different device models from other high frame refresh rate.Temperature sensitivity is exactly 20 mm.The field of view is set at 25 degrees, and the spectral range - in the region of 5 to 10 microns.

The digital hobbies in this modification is not available.Viewfinder manufacturer installed color.Device can be used at temperatures from 0 to 45 degrees.The assembled imager "Owl" weighs exactly 750 Should this modification on the market about 300 thousand. Rub.

Thermal constant focus

Thermal constant focus mainly produces the company "Titan".However, "the NSA" has recently also presented its model.These devices differ primarily high thermal sensitivity.Emissivity have on average equal to 1.2.The spatial resolution of the model "NSA" is at the level of 4 mrad.Fabricated thermal imagers with displays for visualization.

to isometric analysis of such devices do not fit.However, they are able to deal with automatic search.There is the process of pre-defined parameters.Mode temperature correction devices offline.If we consider the model of the company "Titan", it has an extensive memory slot.Thus, these devices are well suited for storing documents.Targeting by using the thermal imager can be done.To this end, the company "Titan" developed a laser pointer red 2 kV.

Precision Model "NSA"

Precision imagers Russian production "NSA" different small measurement error.However, disadvantages also exist in them and should be disregarded.First and foremost experts say the low temperature range of devices.Therefore suffers Thermal sensitivity.Emissivity them is near 1.3.Lenses for such models are most suitable constants.The corners of the review can be quite different.

On average, setting the spatial resolution of 4 mrad.The zoom feature is available in such devices, however, for isometric thermal analysis is not suitable.The automatic search can include minimum and maximum temperature.Sighting thus far have all modifications.Worth an average thermal imaging data (market price) in the area of ​​240 thousand. Rub.

thermal characteristics of the variable focus

Thermal imagers of this type are very compact and can be used in various industries.The detectors used in this case with a focal plane array.The spectral range of such devices is 6-13 microns.Temperature sensitivity is around 25 degrees.With this refresh rate is quite high.If we consider the model of "AMB", they have a high-quality viewfinder.This device is powered exclusively by batteries which are included.

protection system manufacturer have provided a series of IP67.On a full charge this imager is able to work for about 120 hours.Model can be used at a temperature no higher than 50 degrees.Humidity said devices kept not more than 40%.Extenders in thermal imager "NSA" established a wide variety.The signal processing in this connection can be time consuming.It is worth an average model "NSA" of this type in the area of ​​310 thousand. Rub.

Thermal "SBA 640"

This imager field of view is exactly 30 degrees.Refresh rate he is 8 Hz.Focus on the device using DC power.Set up an extender in the instrument can be.The digital zoom function is available.Viewfinder set with a digital display.The palette used in this case, reversible, and an analog video output connector.Humidity said model able to withstand no more than 60%.The system of protection provided by the manufacturer IP67.

Models "AMB" on a rotating basis

Thermal Russian production on a rotating basis are perfectly suited for the protection of large objects.The palette in this case, white is hot.Digital signal processing in which it occurs rapidly at the expense of quality extenders.The devices are designed for a spectral range from 5 to 15 microns.

detectors used in this case with the focal plane.Viewfinders are present in some models.Such devices to shock resistant and can withstand drops on concrete from a height meter.Humidity instruments suffer badly.Thermal sensitivity them is around 25 degrees at 50 microns.It is worth an average of the thermal imager of this type in the area of ​​240 thousand. Rub.

devices with uncooled matrix

Russian thermal imaging cameras of this type are different in that they can quickly process the signal.However, disadvantages also exist in them.It should first be noted small spectral range of such devices.In addition, they are able to work only with the white-hot palette.The system of protection of such thermal pretty good.Company "Titan" production of these models has been a very long time.

In general, they are in demand because of its cheapness.In addition, for security agencies, they fit perfectly.Humidity mentioned devices carry not more than 50%.However, the shock, they are very receptive, and it should be taken into account.In size with an uncooled thermal imaging array are quite different.If we consider the model of "Titan", the average weight of the device is 800

Stationary systems

Such systems are used in large areas that require a wide viewing angle.Tricks for such devices are more suitable permanent type.This matrix is ​​most often installed with a minimum resolution of 160 by 120. Thermal sensitivity - not more than 30 degrees.The main producer of such systems is considered to be the company "AMB".It offers customers in this regard, a great choice.In particular, it is possible to choose a model with the detectors, as well as designators.

Yet there are modifications that can perform isometric analysis.For these devices the military industries are in demand.The automatic search they exhibited in the parameters.The average frequency of changing the image hovering around 50 Hz.Should the market model of this type in the area of ​​400 thousand. Rub.