Brazilian hair straightening: Pros and Cons

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That's how women are: we are always dissatisfied with something.Figure, skin condition, "negollivudskoy" smile.And what would have awarded no higher power, we always strive to make a difference, at least a little to correct the work of nature.And with hair ...

Those with straight hair can not live without curling irons and curlers, and holders cute curls "friends" with utjuzhkom.Especially for the latter in the salons offer to forget about ironing a few months, making the Brazilian keratin hair straightening.

procedure is as follows: first special professional hair washed with shampoo.Its peculiarity is that it does not contain SLS - sodium lauryl sulfate, a component of almost all modern shampoos, which adversely affects the hair and scalp.

After this, you will cause the hair to a special composition with keratin.After a certain period of time (from different companies different) comes the next stage of the procedure - straightening.Strand by strand to be treated with professional utjuzhkom with high temperature and ionic ceramic coating.


• Do not dye your hair for two weeks before and after the procedure.

• Do not wash your hair for 72 hours after the Brazilian keratin hair straightening.

• Before the first wash, do not use hair styling products, do not immolate hair, do not do a ponytail, do not wear a ring, do not remove the hair behind the ears and not wear glasses as a bezel.

• Wear Daily Conditioner, and other means for hair soft atraumatic additives.

• If you get caught in the rain, and the hair gets wet, dry the hair using a hairdryer and iron is.

As a result, you get a remanufactured straightened hair.Now you do not need to spend much time on installation.Utyuzhok replace the comb, and hair dryers.Plus, the procedure is that the hair can be curled, use a curler, styling.Today - the curly locks, and tomorrow back straight and smooth.

Why Brazilian Hair Straightening procedure produces this effect?

Everything in order."Bricks" tissue of our hair is keratin.When this building material is not enough, "home" begins to crumble - hair break, pushatsya, whipped, look pale and unhealthy.All that gives us a Brazilian technology - is the saturation of the hair keratin - a protein necessary in our hair.

But not everything is perfect in this procedure. Reviews of Brazilian hair straightening varied: from enthusiastic - to negative.For example, American scientists decided to examining a sensational novelty found in the composition for straightening formaldehyde - means not permitted in the United States.In America, since 2009 the sale of this substance is prohibited in pharmacies and stores.

not worth chasing cheapness. Today, many salons offer low Brazilian keratin hair straightening coupon, with a big discount.Some of the results following the procedures in the mediocre and decent hairdresser salon - is heaven and earth.After all, there are using funds of various levels.So before you sign up for rectification and restoration, verify, what firm masters prefer if it contains formaldehyde, as well as try to find reviews on the internet about the cabin.

fun and direct way your hair!

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