Three ways of being in the "maynkraft" make night

Often the players raises the question of how to "maynkraft" make night.Beginners can seem to seek the answer to it is simply silly.Well, you see, who wants to be in the middle of the night surrounded by skeletons, zombies and all sorts of other evil spirits?

Why tonight?

But those who have played a lot of hours and know the beauty of the night time.First, destroy the hordes of zombies fun.Second, the night is quite difficult to play, which adds interest in the game.Third, the dark may be necessary to define, for the construction of a building or removal of the video.And, of course, do not forget that it was the night of the mobs drop the most valuable resources.

Wait until the sun itself will hide behind the horizon, sometimes have a very long time.That is why it is so important to know how to "maynkraft" make night.There are several ways to do this.

Like "maynkraft" write the night?Chita

The easiest option is to use codes.In order to be able to use them, you must first enable cheats for players on a single map or get the right operator at the game servers.

To change the time of day via the command line (it is activated by pressing the slash - "/"), you must enter the following expression - "time set option."The second argument used the word cheat this night - night and day - day.Therefore, to quickly switch to the dark period of the day the game you must enter from the keyboard the following: / time set night.

In addition to this time management, there is another possibility.It provides much more control over the time of day.So, instead of "day" or "night" in Chita, above, you must enter a number from zero to 24 thousand.If you enter a code / time set 0, we get the morning.Well, as in "maynkraft" make the night according to this method?The evening begins with the number 12 000. Therefore, if the player wants to be switched instantaneously at a point in the night, it is sufficient to enter a number from 12 to 24 thousand.

Creative Mode

The above method is suitable for the inclusion of night mode of survival.Unfortunately, it will not work creatively.To the player has the ability to create intricate structure, shrouded in darkness, you must do the simple procedure.Now we will talk about how to put the night in "maynkraft" 1.8.2.First you need to download a program from called PocketinvEditor.Its goal - to change the game cards for a particular gamer.Because the utility is changing some parameters "Maynkrafta", you should do everything very carefully, because one wrong move could lead to undesirable glitches and bugs in the game.

create a new world in the mode of creation.Remember the name.Then download from the store "Google" card configuration utility.Install it.After that, we run the program and look for the newly created world.Now you need to select the edit card information.At the bottom of the menu that opens, find the "Lock day cycle at a point of time" (Lock day cycle to time) and is entered in the value of -1.Now, in the created world is always dark and you can make a reality all their ideas.

Command Block

To change the time of day you can use the whole mechanism.To create needed elements such as a button, red dust and any other command unit.If everything is set up correctly, the player expects the eternal night.

important to remember that the command block is only available to those who cheat or who set up a server administrator.For this element of the console you must enter "give imya_personazha 137".After the appearance of the block, right-click it go in the interface.In the text box, enter the command "time set number."The value is set as in the case of the cheat in the range from 0 to 24 000. Now, using red dust created line tap.To make it constantly activated, it is enough to set it on top of another block.

We hope this article has helped you deal with the fact, as in "maynkraft" make night.