Fly Era Nano 5 IQ434: reviews, specifications

smartphone economy with a basic set of functions and interface elements, and the minimum cost - it's all about Fly Era Nano 5 IQ434.Reviews of this smart phone as well as its technical parameters and possibilities - that is the subject of this review the material.


something unusual in terms of design and housing material can boast this gadget.This is a typical candy bar with a touchscreen.Housing it is entirely made of plastic and has only 2 color design options: white and black.It is preferable to buy it Fly IQ434 Era Nano 5 Black. On the black color is not so much noticeable dirt and scratches.But to avoid them even with a cover and a protective film will not work: quality of materials is far from perfect.The white version of the same gadget is focused on the weak half of humanity.At the same time it is necessary to be very careful to apply, so as not to spoil its original state.It should also be noted that the Fly IQ434 Era Nano 5 Black little more expensive than the white casing.It demands more from this difference in price.

on the front panel displayed a 3.5-inch TFT screen.Below that is a panel of three typical gadget touch buttons.On the left edge to be "rocker" volume control and on the right - lock button smartphone.On the upper side of the device displayed audio port, and at the bottom - "universal┬╗ micro-USB.On the back cover of the device displayed a loud speaker and a single eye of the camera.

CPU as the CPU in favor MT6571AE Fly Era Nano 5 IQ434.Reviews of owners of this model of "smart" phone talking about low performance of the chip.It consists of two cores, which are based on ARM architecture processors "Cortex-A7".The strong side is its low power consumption, but high performance, it can not boast.The clock frequency cores at maximum load can be increased up to 1.3 GHz.

Display and graphics

rather modest screen at Fly IQ434 Era Nano 5. Instruction says that it is a modest diagonal of 3.5 inches, and its resolution is 640x480.At the same time it uses the old TFT-matrix.As a result, the image quality on the screen rather mediocre.When viewing angles close to 160 degrees there is a distortion of the image.

One of the main advantages of this phone is a graphical coprocessor "Mali-400."Of course, a fantastic level of performance it does not stand out against the analogues, but with it you can view video clips in MPEG-4 and AVI, and that's good.


very weak camera in this device, like Fly IQ434 Era Nano 5. Instruction indicates that it is based on the sensor element 1.3 megapixel.Accordingly, the quality of photos and videos obtained with its help, very modest.Additional options such as autofocus, optical image stabilization and LED lights in this device is not provided.In general, the camera is there, but to get a quality picture with the help of quite complex and difficult.The only thing she was good at, it is a panoramic shot.


very modest memory subsystem in this device.The amount of RAM is 256 MB, and the built-in storage capacity is 512 MB.Increase the amount of RAM is not possible, but the capacity of the integrated storage can be done by installing a larger memory card.The maximum capacity supported is 32 GB of storage.


Smartphone Fly Era Nano 5 IQ434 is equipped with a battery 1000 mAh.This modest value as at present.But if you take into account the small diagonal of its screen and a high degree of efficiency of the CPU, the listed capacity at medium load on a "smart" phone should last for 2-3 days.If desired, this value can be increased up to 5 days, but the device is fully converted into ordinary dvuhsimochny "dialer".But if the phone load to the maximum, then one of its charge will last for 1 day reinforced load.


Phone Fly IQ434 Era Nano 5 is equipped with all wireless data transmission method.It supports mobile networks 2nd (also called also GSM) and third (second name - 3G), Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.The first two ways of transmitting information intended for the data from the global web, the third - to navigate.Well, the last gadget allows you to connect to a wireless stereo headset or exchange data with similar devices.There are also wired interfaces: 3.5mm (for audio output to an external audio system) and micro-USB (allows battery charging and allows you to exchange information with a PC).


as the policy framework in favor of this unit "Android."His version 4.2.Additional some programs on this smartphone, there is only a typical set of system software, which includes built-in mini-operating system applications (calculator, scheduler, alarm clock), a set of programs from the "Google" of international social networks and customers.The rest of the additional software newly made owner of the phone may have to install applications from the store.It should be noted that the built-in storage capacity is very small, and for setting a plurality of programs have to buy a card.

owners of the gadget

key advantage of this device on a background of similar devices - is the cost of Fly Era Nano 5 IQ434.Reviews indicate that its peculiarity.Buy today can this gadget for $ 50.At the same time we are talking about quite functional smartphone, which forces to solve most everyday tasks: watching videos, listening to radio (only with an external acoustic) and music, surfing the internet portals, reading books and navigation area - all it can do.But high-quality photos and videos with it will be difficult to obtain.The situation is similar with demanding applications that are on the device simply will not run.But on the other hand expect more from an entry-level smartphone for $ 50 and is not necessary.It is at this point, and reviews of the owners of this device.


Affordable Smartphone economy class - a Fly Era Nano 5 IQ434.Reviews note its availability.At the same time it is the most needed for work, and it can easily cope with most everyday tasks.But something more from him, and is not expected.For demanding toys and obtain high-quality photos and videos need to buy a smartphone with the best parameters and characteristics, which will cost many times more expensive.