Drug abuse in Russia - is a threat to the entire nation

addiction problem - it is a problem of all the people of the whole country.It requires a permanent solution and reaction.This issue is one of the most important not only in Russia but also worldwide.Only by working together can overcome this evil.Drug addiction in Russia is particularly acute.It represents a threat to the entire nation.

addiction is particularly prevalent among young people.The younger generation is easily influenced, falling into addiction.Drug addiction - a chronic disease that occurs as a result of drug use.Within a short time there comes a desire and a pathological addiction.The body begins to require higher doses of narcotic drugs.When a reception physical break-up occurs, in which a person experiences pain.No matter what kind of person takes drugs, comes dependence and chronic disease.

Distribution of drugs is not one millennium.Even in ancient times they were used for rituals, as an analgesic, to maintain power.With the development of trade between the countries, Europeans became acquainted with such drugs as opium and hashish.While the ban on the use of drugs did not exist.Sometimes states themselves and the country contributed to the development of drug trafficking to raise funds.

gradual spread of narcotic drugs has become a problem and many countries began to lead an active struggle with them.Drug abuse in Russia, under the regime of the Iron Curtain was not so acute.Drugs did not have access to the country, and it helps to protect their distribution.At that time, America, and then the whole of Europe, were the scene of the death of a large number of residents of the fault of the drug.With the advent of perestroika and the removal of the Iron Curtain, it was evil to spread rapidly in Russia.The main victims of drug addiction becomes a teenager.The situation is out of control.Drug abuse in Russia began to grow very rapidly.

In a country formed criminal gangs that are engaged in drug trafficking.The massive importation of narcotic drugs into the country made them available.It distributes chronic dependence - addiction.Statistics show that at that time in Russia imported about 500 tons of drugs a year.

With the development of technology and science there are many synthetic drugs produced by chemical means.Drug addiction is an epidemic in Russia continues to grow.Drug use and the search for funds to purchase them at the push of criminal offenses.This problem, which has permanent damage to the gene pool of the nation.The number of drug users among women and adolescents.There are even cases of family addiction.This gives rise to new problems related to the spread of HIV infection.

addiction threatens the economy, the country's security.According to information in the country of about 2 million addicts.And this number is constantly growing.The main problem - is the spread of drug addiction among young people.

The country is taking steps to reduce the number of drug addicts and overlapping routes of drugs.The media carried campaigning healthy lifestyle.Many of the stars of show business appeared on television, calling to refuse drugs, alcohol and smoking.In a country with the support of the Government, held a variety of events, which encourages young people not to use drugs.All these measures are to some extent to reduce the number of drug addicts.The younger generation should understand that using drugs, it destroys their lives.