Best fare conditions "Change for 0" (Megaphone)

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So, today we have to know the conditions of the tariff "Change for 0" ("Megaphone").The people he called "anti-crisis".Why is the name he was given?What he attracted many customers?How can I connect to it?All this and we have to learn.

We call on Russia

first point that only includes the fare conditions "Change for 0" ("Megaphone") - is, of course, the cost of outgoing calls to Russia and the inside of your home area.After all, this is what customers pay attention.

The fact is that our present tariff plan gives its users to 20 minutes a day of free calls within the home region while calling on the "Megaphone".That's enough for family issues, and calls for workers.Next minute will cost 60 cents.

If you connected package "All Calls", then with other cellular communication operators and will cost 60 cents.In the absence of such - 2 times more expensive.And exactly the same amount you would have to pay if you decide to call a local number from a mobile phone.As you can see, the conditions of the fare "Change for 0" ("Megaphone") is quite favorable.

In Russia calls on "Megaphone" will cost 3 rubles.All other outgoing calls - 12.5 rubles.Compared with the same "Beeline" you will get a huge benefit.After all, in most cases you will be asked 15 rubles per minute.

Call worldwide

second point that can not be ignored - it's the talk outside of Russia.The fact that the conditions of the fare "Change for 0" ("Megaphone") allow us to talk with everyone, even the most remote corners of the Earth.Let's look at the issue more ..

in South Ossetia, Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and the CIS, you can call only 35 rubles per minute.In Europe, calls will cost 55 rubles.In comparison with other operators data rates fairly benign.In other countries, of course, the cost of calls will be 97 rubles.In fact, it is very advantageous amount.Plan "Change for 0" ("Megfon") offers the following conditions is expected of them simply can not refuse.

And this is true.After all, the same "Beeline" for any conversation outside Russia asks 100 rubles per minute.If we calculate the savings, we can understand why our present plan is called anti-crisis.But there are quite a few important points that need to pay attention.What else is it?Let us try to understand this.


Plan "Change for 0" ("Megaphone") provides a fairly favorable conditions and messages.However, here there is one important point that should be considered.

The fact is that when connected to a package of additional services "SMS XXS" you're absolutely free to send all messages.Otherwise, the message will cost you 1 ruble 60 kopecks.Not so much when compared with the other mobile operators.However, this value applies only to the home area.Outside (in Russia) you will send SMS for 3 rubles.

But "Megaphone" improved rate "The transition to zero" regarding the MMS messages.After all, in one such message you have to pay only 7 rubles.The rest of the operators require 10-15 rubles.So that the benefits seen with the naked eye.But this is not all that it is worth paying attention to.The fact that we stayed another pretty important point for the modern customer.What is it about?

Internet Rate "The transition to zero" (the operator "MegaFon") also offers us a fairly benign conditions of access to the Internet from your mobile device.It is now very difficult to imagine a modern user without access to the World Wide Web.

However, here, as in many other cases, there are two versions of events.The first - the connection with the optional package.It is called "Internet XS".If you have it, the access to the network from a mobile phone you will be worthless.You have already pay for it (the connection package).Its cost, by the way, is from 150 to 250 rubles.

The second option - the absence of this package.Fare conditions "Change for 0" ("Megaphone") offer for 1 megabyte of data to give 9 rubles 90 kopecks.In fact, it's not as much as it might seem at first glance.For MTS, for example, is asking for a similar service for 12 rubles.It seems to be not such a big difference, but it turns a huge profit.It is for all of the above points of our current cell called anti-crisis plan.

Pleasant surprises

There are a few more important, interesting and profitable surprises with respect to the reporting of the tariff plan.The thing is that there is no subscription fee.That is simply to maintain the balance of a mobile phone in the "plus" to stay in touch.Of course, this is all assuming that you will miss 20 minutes a day of free calls to other subscribers of "Megaphone".

In addition, the cost of the transition to the tariff "The transition to zero" from "Megaphone" is 0 rubles.In other words, the service is free.But there is one small condition: your account must be at least 200 rubles.They are not going anywhere - you can use them in the future.

As you can see, everything is quite profitable.However, if your environment is dominated by any other mobile operator, it is better to look for an alternative to him.Usually considered an analogue of the tariff plan today is at all.


Well, now it's time to talk a bit about how is it possible to get the fare "The transition to zero" on your mobile phone.The idea can be implemented quite a few easy steps.

first option - is to visit the nearest office of the cellular operator with the request to change your tariff.Or did buy a new number from the "Megaphone".This is not the most suitable and popular method.

second way - connection with SMS messages.Dial on your mobile phone in a text message "2", and then just send it to the number 000146. You can now wait for a response alerts.When all the conditions (namely - the positive balance of more than 200 rubles), you will be informed that you have successfully changed the tariff plan.

In addition, you can use the official page of "Megaphone" and so-called private office.Login to your account, go to "Rates" and then there is "The transition to zero."Now click on this line - you will have a list of possible actions.Select there "Connect" and wait for a while.It remains to confirm the action and, of course, wait for notification.That's all.As you can see, the connection handle quite easily.A rate of "Change for 0" ("Megaphone"), the terms of which we reviewed today, will help you stay in touch.