Have you thought about how people affect the river?

about how people affect the river is well known to ecologists, and they are extremely concerned about the careless attitude towards the environment.Constant emissions of waste into rivers and oceans, destruction, pollution of their negative impact on the microflora of the state of water bodies, as well as the health of the person.People with their hands pollute rivers household waste, waste chemicals.

of rivers worsens mass extermination of fish, crayfish, which are by some filters for water purification.Great damage is applied to the poachers, placing the network, drafts of dynamite to catch fish mass.Rivers began to resource for many factories, resulting in the drying up of rivers, destruction of living creatures floating there.

Without water a person can not exist, but few people think that having a negative impact on the river, people are destroying their value, cleanliness and environmental friendliness with their hands.Consider the example of several rivers, and look at how people affect the river.

use of the river Inya

Yin is the right tributary of the Ob.The river valley is a lot of oxbow lakes, lake floodplains.Due to the dam based reservoir in which the divorce valuable species of fish on the shore of the Sea of ​​Belovo is a recreation area.Numerous tributaries of the flock to the Yin to the foothills, Salair Ridge.In the river are found burbot, pike, perch.But the nearby coal-mining companies have formed a rock dumps, mine production has created anthropogenic load on the Yin and the once beautiful place turned into waste dumps, dirty sinks.There is a gradual degradation of the river, forming a layer of pesticides, heavy metals.

Yin always helped people to grow crops, power generation, transportation, coal, but now she has to take over industrial effluents.

Using the Neva River

Human impact on the Neva River began with the construction of a dam on the river and canal digging Sea.Began to pass judgment and moored near the city center.On the river bank, a host of stains from oil, especially in the Leningrad region, there is practically no natural protection.Passing tugboats with barges, ships gradually swamp coast, water has long been no different Experienced purity.

Harming small rivers near Moscow

On the banks of the rivers stored manure, bird droppings, which appeared after the emergence of livestock complexes and farms.The difficult situation today on the right tributary of Istria, the river Maglushe.The floodplain is filled with tons of chicken manure, which is not exported from there over the years.In the case of high water on the river can happen is a real ecological disaster.Also, floodplains Moscow and the region are deteriorating due to plowing gardens vacationers, water pollution from landfills, municipal waste.Landfills reminds floodplain Istria, littered with debris and river beds, leading to their gradual extinction.Near the river with resistance to stomping herbage destroyed shrubs.Today ecologists "beat all the bells," that the time has come to restore the purity of rivers and their flood, or in the near future, natural resources and reserves threatens widespread environmental disaster.Human impact on the river causing irreparable damage to nature.

situation on the rivers of the Crimea

With the increase in production is increasing human impact on the environment.Water resources of many rivers of the Crimea today, because as a person affects the rivers are in poor condition.Many high-quality fish species are on the verge of extinction, instead there were frogs, green algae, which prevent the absorption of oxygen in the water full life, pollute the water with their decays.

ecological status of rivers Crimea today unsatisfactory.An urgent need to clean the reservoir, ponds and sewage.To do this, you need to reconstruct the treatment plant, to apply advanced technologies for wastewater treatment, conduct educational propaganda among the population, educational work among children and adolescents.

use of the Yenisei River

depletion of water resources of the river happens all the time.What affect the River sewage companies and public drains?This has led to an imbalance of the whole ecosystem, depletion of valuable fish stocks.Runoff from fields contain toxins, the presence of nitrogen and phosphorus in them breaking all records their number.Many channels of decay, is an infection of the fish.

Conclusion There is no doubt in response to the question of how people affect the river.We can say that an extremely negative, destroying day after day, the flora and fauna of rivers and lakes with their own hands.

From a human crime, greed, negligence environmentalists have to fight constantly.Urban waters contaminated debris, chemicals.Underwater life is slowly being exterminated, it also contributes to the presence of many fishermen, poachers who puts his network, dynamite sticks.

water - the source of life.This expression has long lost its meaning.Nature and rivers are becoming less beautiful, and all of the harm caused by man.About how one affects the rivers and lakes, is known to many.Of course, very negative.To deal with the preservation of resources, their restoration should be universally common effort, or in the near future, rivers and lakes come into complete disrepair, and many species will simply disappear.