Pitfalls of family relationships

The family, as a person, is the age, and every age - its "pitfalls".If you know exactly exactly where the danger lies, and it can be avoided, especially if it is understood and husband and wife.

gather more statistics and analyzing the life of more than one thousand conjugal rights, experts in family and marriage brought a number of laws for most couples.So, they believe that the crisis moments come: 6 weeks, 8 months, 2.5 years, 4, 7 and 12 years old.These are the most dangerous periods in which most families are destroyed.How could such catastrophes occur and why?

6 weeks - this is the beginning of growing

young wife suddenly notices that her husband did not like the favorite movie hero, she thought before, and the value of his brain is inversely proportional to the muscles.Disappointment - so the phenomenon when broken rose-colored glasses, and "prince charming" suddenly becomes "swineherd."To give the relationship a crack, sometimes quite small things - such as for example a wrong touch in bed, his admiration for some of the trendy girls or completely innocent joke about his manhood.

8 months - "bytovuha»
In this crisis period, less than a year after one of the partners discovers that the other finally accepted him into their hearts.Ideally, the connection at this stage develops into a strong, long-term relationship.When asked whether they ever will now, together, the two invariably answer "yes."However, at this time, many parted, because are not ready to share with loved ones, not only holidays but also everyday life.Problems at work, bad mood, rainy weekend, unwashed hair, stomach pain and boring family gatherings ... The routine sucks.The risk that one of them, fearing this very routine and decides to break off relations, is very high.

2,5 years - "love at a distance»
production of the hormone of happiness and joy is on the decline (as is the nature of human nature).Accordingly, the weakening of sexual attraction.Good chance to take a run at the corners and save resentment.But the first serious cooling does not mean that all means should be a divorce.To hormonal explosion happened again ... you need to re-fall in love with each other!To do this, you must learn how to ... keep your distance.Other friends, business, weekends spent separately, can help to get close again.

4 years - "precarious nest»
After 4 years, the child (usually the couple he already has) no longer needs to be vigilant parental attention and from that time often is in the care of grandparents.So, parents can relax and look around.Many couples differ just in this period, to come together with other partners and make new children.

7 years - "Bermuda Triangle»

Why many do not survive the seventh year of living together?This still argue sociologists, psychologists and doctors.Doctors say that every seven years the body is updated.Probably, the human psyche after seven years of need at the beginning of a new relationship.

After 12 years - "the latest danger»
infidelity, separation, life's troubles, lack of money ... It would seem that in the years of living together covered everything and test the strength is maintained.Why break up "the veterans of family life"?

seems to be, and there is no apparent reason.But one of the two suddenly begins to think: - "Is this really all about?I imagined my life differently. "Women are jealous of friends who "more lucky" with their husbands, men want more time to "start all over again."It is also called a midlife crisis.Perhaps this is not the last crisis - a mid-life crisis, but it is a most dangerous and difficult.

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