Women's issues on filling

men occasionally have to respond to these tough women's issues:

1. What are you thinking?

2. Do you love me?

3. I'm fat?

4. She looks better than me?

5. What would you do if I died?

What makes these questions difficult?If a man is to answer them honestly, it will be wrong answers.How did he learn to not make mistakes?

Question 1. "What are you thinking?"

Correct answer: "I'm so sorry, dear, what to think. I was just thinking about how lucky I am in this life to meet such a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman like you. You - my happiness, you- my luck. "

Wrong answer:

A - Football.

B - Ice Hockey.

Q - How do you put on weight recently.

T - Oh, how beauty passes.

D - If I wanted you to know what I think, I would have said it to you.

Question 2. "Do you love me?"

Correct answer: "YES !!!"If this seems a little, Add another: "Yes, dear !!!"- And the word.

Wrong answer:

A - I think so.

B - it makes you feel any better, when I say "yes"?In

- It depends on what you call love.

D - Does it matter?

D - Who am I?

Question 3. "I'm fat"?

correct answer is a resounding "Of course not!"

Wrong answer:

A - Compared to what?

B - is not that thick, but not skinny.

B - You better look when plump.

T - seen fatter.

D - Do not worry, we'll buy you a pill for weight loss.

Question 4: "Do you think she's prettier than me?"

Correct answer: confident, "Who is it? Of course not!"

Wrong answer:

A - Yes, but you have your own individuality.

B - Not that nice, she just slimmer.

In - Yes you at her age a hundred times better look.

T - and it is a nice little ...

D - Well, if a little ...

Question 5. "What would you do if I died?"

No way a man should not say what he really thinks, for example: "I then selling all your coats and buy myself a new" Mercedes. "And even if he can answer this question correctly, it should prepare fora long conversation, so simply will not be able to escape. Thus it is necessary to watch every word, to the conversation did not end well:

She: If I died suddenly, would you marry again?

He: Of course not ...


No? Why is it not? Do not you like being married?

He: Well, and here it is ....

It: More like being! Why would not you want more than to get married, if you value marriage?

He: Well, would marry, if it makes you feel better ..

It (upset): Oh ... would marry, then ...

He: Yes! We talk about it !!

It: And you would have slept with her in our bed ???

He: Where can I, in your opinion, to sleep with her?

She: And you would be instead of my pictures everywhere to put it?

He: Well, I think so.

She: And would you let her drive my car?

He: No, she has no rights.She

: silence ...

He: Hmmm ...

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